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Harry and Valorie searching for victims of earthquake in Turkey
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Finding Lost Pets

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On missing person cases, we often end up donating our services as the families can't afford our services and the state, county, and federal law enforcement agencies refuse to pay for SAR services even though they themselves get paid and charge for services. CLICK HERE to learn more about this subject.

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lost pets in Disasters

How to find your lost pet after a disaster.

With the recent tornado's, forest fires, and other disasters we've seen on TV, I must pass on some hard facts to everyone.
If you must evacuate DO NOT EVER Leave your pet behind.  

He / she will prob. be dead when / if you are ever allowed to return.
After a major event such as a forest fire don't ever assume your pet is dead, 

 In the Skeleton fires in Bend, Ore. after the fire had been put out, we brought in our search dog teams and found 34 pets in the destroyed homes. 27 were still alive. Pets are our families. They deserve to rescued just like your human family members do. The local SAR teams sat on their asses and bitched that we were in their territory working. Yet they did nothing to help us.

After tornado's and other disasters, it will be up to you and you alone to search for your pet.

FEMA and the USDA doesn't care about your pets

FEMA is concerned only with people rescues. USDA only cares about livestock and pets recovered ABOVE the surface. Not the pets trapped alive below the surface.
Pets just like people can be found alive weeks after a major event trapped beneath the rubble.  

Fact: We are the only professional K9 Search and Rescue team in the USA that is trained to find both people live and dead as well as pets live and dead under the rubble site. 

Earthquakes, floods, fires, tornado's, hurricanes, bombings. After the event return to your home.

If it's destroyed, search for your pet on your own by removing most of the surface debris and calling for your pet. Listen for their whining, crying, barking, calls. Bring in listening devices or even a medical stethoscope.  

Also check your neighbor's property (with their permission). Your pet may have escaped and may be hiding nearby. 

Check all emergency shelters, vet's office, animal control shelters, ads on Craigslist, ads in the newspapers.  

Follow our guidelines under "Finding your lost pet" in our pet section. 

If you still can't find your pet, call us in to help search. We can come in privately on your behalf. 

Example. One week after the tornado's hit Moore, Oklahoma, we watched as a news crew was interviewing this poor little old woman who was crying because she had lost the only thing that meant the world to her, her dog. Her home was totally destroyed. 

During the filming, the TV news crew heard a noise, they then helped pull some roofing material from the rubble and out came her mini snauzer alive. All caught on video. A very tearful heartwarming video. 

Proof that if FEMA and the USDA would pull their heads out of their asses and allow trained professionals like ourselves in, we could save many lives.
Unfort. the Governor, the Humane society of OK, the USDA, and FEMA all ignored our requests to come in (At no charge to anyone) to try to rescue the pets under the rubble. So thousands of pets were left trapped in the rubble to die a slow horrible death.

So in the future, if you must leave, take your pet's with you. If you have livestock and can't find transportation (in fire cases and pending major storm cases) my suggestion is to put id on them and let them go. We can catch them later and return them to you. 

One man spray painted his phone # on his horse then he let it go, during a major fire and we were able to find his horse and return it to him a week later. 

Please write your congress representative and senators and demand change. Demand that FEMA, and USDA be forced to bring in trained resources to search and rescue/recover pets trapped under the rubble after a major disaster.  

If enough people speak out then maybe we'll be able to save more lives. The Katrina law which was written to force these very same agencies to rescue pets says absolutely nothing about the pets trapped UNDER THE RUBBLE. This must change. 

By leaving an animal / pet to slowly die trapped in the darkness of the rubble is cruel and the persons not allowing this poor pet to be rescued are committing the crime of animal abandonment.

This is a crime in all states. 

Those involved should be charged with Cruelty to animals. If that was the case in Moore Oklahoma then the governor, FEMA, USDA, and many others would be in court right now answering for their lack of response to the thousands of pets they let die under the rubble. 

Help us help you.
Write letters, make phone calls and DEMAND change now. 

Harry Oakes
SAR Coordinator


Finding Lost Pets - Pet Search and Rescue
Since 1986, International K-9 Search and Rescue Services has used trained search dogs and Handlers to search for missing persons and since 1988, lost and stolen animals including domesticated pets as well as livestock. If your pet is lost and you've signed a contract for us to help you find it, we will:
1. Take a report from you including a missing pet description and profile.
2. Obtain a scent article belonging to your pet. (Some kind of fur, hair, blanket, or collar that only that pet has touched, worn, or laid on).
3. Start tracking the missing or stolen pet with a trained search dog team.

Please Do Not Call our office and ask "Do you respond to your city?"
We're called International for a reason. So unless you live in Canada or Mexico, the answer is YES". We do not respond to Mexico for Safety reasons. We Do not respond to Canada do to they refuse to allow US K9 SAR dog teams to work in their country. However we can help you if you live in these areas by consulting.
5. Note: Do not call our office asking for help until you've emailed our office at and sent us your Name, Home address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone#, location where pet was last seen, Date Last seen, and description of pet. Name, age, weight, height, sex, short med long hair, color(s). microchip info. ID info.
Thank You.

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.

International K9 SAR Services

International K9 SAR Services International K9 SAR Services is a private contracting business that specializes in all aspects of Search and Rescue operations requested by private contract, requests and / or contract agreement by Law Enforcement.

We are an Internationally Licensed Business duly authorized to perform contractual search and rescue operations anywhere in the world.  

All of the dogs and handlers involved in The International K9 SAR have extensive training in locating lost, missing, or deceased persons or pets. Disaster work, triage, search, rescue, recovery operations.

All members and dogs are certified by International Standards. This has allowed for the dogs and handlers to be considered experts in court testimony over the last 28 years in over 10,000 Search and Rescue response requests to date.  

If we are contracted with a private individual, we will do as we are contracted to do, until we determine that the case is moving into a criminal arena. At that time, we will freeze the scene and notify the local Law Enforcement to be available as the search continues allowing them to take control of evidence that might be involved in a criminal investigation.

We encourage all City, County, State or Federal law enforcement agencies to consider entering into a contractual agreement with International K9 SAR Services as soon as possible if all of your resources have failed to locate or are not available, as this will allow for you to become the party of contract which than guarantees you 100% control of our searches in assisting with your investigations.

The main issue for each of the above agencies to understand is that our dogs are trained for Searching and locating individuals or animals that are missing live or dead. Our dogs are also trained to locate deceased persons on land or in water. Under debris piles from avalanches of rock, snow, mud, and ice.

We have one the most documented success ratios in all aspects of K9 SAR to include Alzheimer, suicides, missing persons, kidnappings, homicides, forensic scent evidence, disasters to include terrorist attacks, bombings, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, Typhoons, post fire searches, tornados, and snow, rock, dirt, mud avalanches. We can provide expert testimony in the courts of law regarding scent, scent evidence, search dogs, forensic scent evidence, missing persons, homicides and suicides.

We are not a member of the Better Business Bureau as it costs Money to belong to them. But, we do have an A + rating with them.

Our groups consist of current and former (retired) Lawyers, Police Officers, Firemen and everyday citizens and they have become involved with International K9 SAR services to assist in times of need.

International K9, SAR Services
P.O. Box #1472
Longview, Washington 98632
Phone: Office 360 414 8093 Mobile: 503 705 0258

Harry Oakes
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator

SEARCH & RESCUE By Harry Oakes.

SEARCH & RESCUE By Harry Oakes.


This CD book is written by Harry Oakes, International K9 Search and Rescue expert. Harry teaches all aspects of Search and Rescue around the world. For the last 25 years Harry has taught scent, scent evidence, water SAR, wilderness and avalanche SAR, K9 SAR, mountain rescue, man tracking, outdoor survival, and disaster USAR. Harry also teaches courses on death investigations, and testifying in the courtroom.
Harry holds the most documented success related to finding missing adults, children, kidnapped victims, natural and man made disasters, suicides, evidence, and even lost pets.
Please forward this book to others in SAR so they may learn the truth about SAR and K9 SAR work around the world.
This is great for attorney’s, Judges, Police departments, City, State, County, Federal law enforcement agencies, Park Rangers, SAR coordinators, K9 handlers, K9 SAR instructors.
Private family members, relatives, friends have also brought in Mr. Oakes as a consultant regarding nationally known cases such as the OJ Simpson, Kyron Horman, and Caylee Anthony cases.
Feel free to write

Harry at I.K.9.S.A.R.S.
PO Box# 1472
Longview, Washington 98632 USA
Or email me at

Please let Harry know what you think of his book and information.
Thank you
International K9 Search and Rescue Services

Cost is only $5.00 through Email to download or $10.00 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling charges for Ebook on CD format.

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.

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