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Mr. Harry Oakes is an expert in all aspects in the field of search and rescue. With 46 years of experience, he has been brought in by the FBI, City, County, State and Federal Police Agencies, National Parks Services, US Embassy officials, other US and foreign government agencies, as well as private families to help solve missing persons cases around the world.

Since 1986 Mr. Oakes has received and documented over 13,200 SAR call requests around the world for missing persons, evidence, and lost pets.

Mr. Oakes has a documented 99% success rate of either finding the victim(s), or determining what really happened to them.

Runaways, child and adult kidnappings, suicides, homicides, accidental deaths, natural disasters, man made disasters such as bombings, transportation accidents, persons who are lost, missing, presumed dead. Mysterious disappearance. Hikers, hunters, boaters, etc. To date, Harry has a 100% success rate at finding runaways.

These are the types of cases Mr. Oakes handle’s every week.

Being an expert in his field, many Prosecuting and defense attorneys as well as law enforcement agencies turn to Mr. Oakes for consulting advice. So do other SAR units.
May 2014, The Singer Law Firm brought in Mr. Oakes to testify on a wrongful death suit. He assisted in helping the Singer Group win a $8,000.000.00 million dollar settlement for their client with his expert testimony regarding, scent, scent evidence, search dogs, and homicide investigations.

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.

Harry has also been qualified as an expert in the courts of law and has given expert testimony in every state in the USA as well as the islands of St Thomas, St Croix, USVI. Jamaica, and in the countries of Turkey, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada, Philippines, and Mexico. 

Mr. Oakes helped developed the N.A.S.A.R. and F.E.M.A. K-9 SAR Standards as well as International SAR Standards. 

National and local media and Attorneys seeking an expert witness regarding SAR, Search dogs, scent, scent evidence, often call on Mr. Oakes to discuss current events, disasters, preparedness, missing persons cases. 

Mr. Oakes has been featured in People Magazine, This week Magazine, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Nancy Grace, as well as cases discussed on Oprah and other shows. 

If you need his assistance contact Mr. Harry Oakes at or through his office at 503-705-0258. 

Are you a family member who needs help finding a lost loved one? Are you a law enforcement agency whose local resources have failed to find any a missing person and you need some assistance?
Harry Oakes
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator.

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I'm posting this on our web site as I'm tired of arguing with folks on who actually located the remain of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis. You read our report and decide for yourselves.
This will shut those folks up who deny we did.

I’ve deleted some personal information to protect the clients. This embarrassed the hell out of the local police agency handling the case as well as the FBI. They conducted 7 searches of the suspects property for two missing girls Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis. Jan. through March 2002 and then the FBI went public and stated, ”there was nothing to be found on Ward Weavers property”.

We then ended up finding 3 human remains. Two on the property and one in an area the police claimed to have searched twice nearby.

Documentation speaks for itself. I’ve been subpoenaed on cases over 10 years old. So make sure you keep good records and accurate notes.

International K-9 Search and Rescue Service
PO Box# 1472, Longview, Washington 98632 USA
Office: (360) 414-8093 Mobile (503) 705-0258.
Integrity you can count on - Service you can trust.
I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Case: 2002-2146-076(A).


On 04-02-2017 I./K.9.S.A.R.S. was notified by Jocelyn and Brendan Arnold from Portland, Ore. that on 04-01-2017 Brendan was hiking with his dog DOT at Gnat Creek Trail and failed to have his dog on a leash. She disappeared. Despite his extensive search he failed to find any clues on Dot's location.

I.K.9.S.A.R.S. responded with a SAR Dog team. H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow and Tyler. We Arrived 1045hrs. Arrived. Tracked DOT's scent trail West 1 mile to where it she got picked up alive on hwy 30. MP 79. We then returned to the PLS 1 mile east on the trail and searched it to make sure we weren't missing anything. nothing else was found. Search was concluded at 1330hrs.
On 04-03-2107 I.K.9.S.A.R.S Was notified by Mrs. Arnold that our SAR Dog team was 100% correct in our search and our track. She received a phone call from the person who picked up DOT on hwy 30 and it was exactly at the same location where our SAR Dogs tracked Dot to. Dot is now home safe and Mr and Mrs. Arnold learned a "Hard lesson on why they should keep their dog on leash while hiking.

On 03-31-2017 Team:H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1. SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1 from Int. K9 SAR Services was asked to enter the private search for David Higgs. During our two day search, we covered Oakridge, Black Canyon Camp ground, Eugene, and Springfield and several other areas where homeless folks hang out. During my search both of my search dogs indicated "Death alerts in the river near David's home. I even brought out David's own dog and photographed his own dog who is not trained in any way and showed David's family that his own dog was giving "Death alerts" in the river.
When David's mother asked Lane Co. Sheriff's office to come out and search the river they REFUSED TO.
On 04-12-2107 David's remains were recovered from the river.
My response to Lane County Sheriff's Office SAR Coordinator.
I've documented finding 1,056 Humans dead. How many more do I have to find before you deem I"m Credible?
Fact is everyone of my documented finds there's been a body recovered. My reports are filed with the law enforcement jurisdiction as well as a copy given to the family who has hired me.
Shame on the SAR Coordinator from Lane Co. SO for not doing his job. He's a sad excuse for a Law enforcement officer.
Again WIllow and Tyler are correct as well as myself
Sad ending to a young man's life.
RIP David Higgs.

On 03-04-2002 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. was asked to enter the private search efforts for Ashley Pond.

Ashley Pond (Missing Person) DLS: 01-09-2002 DOB 0#-0#-89 Age 13. Height 5'03" 110lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. Birthmark on right hip. Ashley attended Gardiner Middle School. Shoe size 7-1/2.

Lori Pond (Mother) Lives at ####### Newell Creek Apartments Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, Oregon 97045. Lori's vehicle: White four-door hardtop, Hyundai Ore. ###-###. Temp P##### Exp 03-26-02.

Gardiner Middle School (Ashley's school). ### Ethel St. Oregon City, Oregon 97045.

Ward Weaver (Friend of Lori's) Lives at #### Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, Oregon 97045 (503) ###-####.

Miranda Gaddis (Missing Girl) DLS: March 08-2002. Last seen wearing: Black netting blue backpack, blue jeans, tennis shoes, dark blue shirt that said "HURLEY" on it. Miranda attended Gardiner Middle School. Piercing bellybutton, and tongue.

Michelle Duffy (Miranda's Mother) (503) ###-####. Age 34.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. (Support investigative agency).###-####.

Oregon City Police (Initial investigating agency). ###-####.

National Missing Children's locate Center (Portland, Oregon). (503) ###-####. Local missing children's locate center.

Federal Bureau of Investigations (Portland, Oregon). (Lead investigative agency).###-####.

Harry E. Oakes Jr. (SAR Dog Handler / SAR Coordinator).

SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1. SAR Dog Valorie is a 7-1/2 year old, Border collie, Schiperkee, Mutt Mix. Valorie has documented 2053 Missions with 884 documented finds assisted finds of people, pets, suspect identifications, and evidence. Photographs of both can be reviewed in People Magazine Nov. 30, 98 issue page# 61. Numerous finds made in both the Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster 1995, Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck 1998, and in both of the Turkey Earthquakes in 8/99 and 11/99. Valorie has flown 142 times in cabin, without incident. SAR Dog Valorie is the first search dog ever to be allowed into Jamaica for a search mission.

Michelle Keating Mailing address: PO Box# #####, Portland, Oregon 97294
Email: #####@####### Michelle has performed 61 missions around the world. She has documented finding 49 victims.

SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2. SAR Dog Yogi is a 5-1/2 year old Golden Retriever. Yogi is Michelle's third search dog. Yogi has performed 33 missions finding 49 victims.

03-04-2002 I sent Lori a letter asking her if she wanted I.K.9.S.A.R.S. assistance after the N.M.C.L.C. asked I.K.9.S.A.R.S. to get involved in this case. I had earlier contacted both O.C.P.D. and the F.B.I. and offered our services to them. Both refused as “they were using their own resources and search dog teams and didn’t need any additional help”.

03-06-2002 Wed. I received a telephone call from Lori Pond asking for I.K.9.S.A.R.S. assistance in her private search for her missing daughter. I talked with Ashley's mother Lori over the telephone. I set up a meeting with her at her parent’s house in Ore. City on Thurs.

03-07-2002 Thurs. Met with Lori and her sister at her apt. Instead of her parent's home. I did initial interview. Had Lori sign I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Services contract. I then collected handwriting samples from Ashley. Photographed apartment, room, exterior entrance & exits. Worked on initial reports. Asked Lori to get her daughter's items from school locker.

03-08-2002 Fri. Worked on reports. Received call from Lori asking me to call her. Calls came in at 2230 and 0030 Sat.

03-09-2001 Sat. 0500Hrs. I called and left a message for Lori to call me back. Media released info. that another girl is missing from the same apartment complex.

03-10-2002 Sun. I obtained scent articles (Pillow case and backpack) belonging to Ashley and I introduced SAR Dog Valorie to these items and stated, "Let's go find Ashely".

Michelle also introduced these same items to her SAR Dog Yogi. SAR Dog Valorie immediately tracked Ashley out of the apartment complex then northeast down over a dirt embankment then south along the row of apartments where I could see someone had spent some time under one of the extended patios.

Then the track led back to the staircase that leads up to the main road. Ward Weavers House. That's where the track ended. (Back of Ward Weaver’s house).

03-15-2002 Fri. 1127Hrs. I arrived at Ward's house and was met at the door by his son Alex. Alex asked me in after I id myself as a private search dog handler from Int. K-9 SAR Services looking for Ashley. Alex called his father Ward on the telephone while Ward was at work. I talked with Ward over the telephone. Ward gave me verbal consent to search his property stating,” Everyone else has been on there. The FBI, OCPD, the County sheriff’s dept. I don’t care just stay away from the concrete slab that he had poured back in Jan. Ward didn't want it messed up”.

I introduced SAR Dog Valorie to Ashley's scent article and SAR Dog Valorie went to the main hallway and indicated a “Death alert” on the carpet inside Wards’ home. SAR Dog Valorie then led me to a lay down large white freezer sitting in Ward’s kitchen. SAR Dog Valorie indicated a death alert at the freezer. I tried to open it and it was locked. When I asked Alex if he had a key to the freezer, Alex became nervous, his face turned white in color and he stuttered ,”My dad’s the only person who has a key to that and there’s nothing in there right now”.

I then took search dog Valorie through the rest of Ward’s house and then through the back sliding glass door over the cement slab behind Wards home. Ward had stated he was putting in a hot tub at this site. SAR Dog Valorie stopped her track of Ashley's scent at the back of the house. Where the grass and cement slab met. SAR Dog Valorie indicated a strong death alert. I knew at this time Ashley was buried under the cement. SAR Dog Valorie also alerted in the rear shed area.

Both the shed and concrete slab area were indications of 12-49 (Human Death Alerts).

There were 5 no-pest-strips loaded with dead flies handing inside the small shed behind Ward’s house. I could see that the inside of the shed had numerous large cardboard boxes and plastic bags inside. I felt some human remains were hidden inside this shed. I backed out of there as I felt this was an active crime scene.

1215Hrs. I made contact with Lori at her apartment and we talked a little more about Lori filing a report with the Nat. Missing Children's Locate Center of Portland, Ore. Did search down in creek. Did interview with AP reporter.

1600hrs. I notified OCPD and the FBI on our findings today by telephone, and faxed report. I asked them to obtain a search warrant based on our findings and recover the bodies we located.

03-17-2002 Sunday. 1430Hrs. I wanted to continue our search to see if there were more victims then just the two that we had already located so I drove to Lori Ponds apartment complex. I introduced SAR Dog Valorie to Ashley's scent articles and Sigma Pseudo scent plus 30. SAR Dog Valorie again alerted in the area NE down towards creek where SAR Dog Valorie gives off major stress - death alerts. A search of the immediate area revealed no new clues.

1615Hrs. SAR Dog Yogi started his track with his handler Michelle Keating at the PLS. I didn't tell Michelle anything about what SAR Dog Valorie had just completed doing as I wanted to see what SAR Dog Yogi would do in his search.

1630Hrs. I photographed SAR Dog Yogi performing his search and stress prob. death alerts NE of the apartment complex down in the creek.

1700Hrs. We drove across Beavercreek rd and searched Fir Ct. next to Fred Meyers. There's a stand of trees on the S side. Both SAR dog Valorie and SAR dog Yogi alerted on coyote feces. I flagged and photographed the site and Michelle collected the sample in a plastic bag. Upon examining the feces I found animal hair, bone fragments and what appeared to be two strands of human hair, long and thin. and what appeared to be suture material. I cleaned and inspected this and then placed it in a paper envelope, sealed it and marked it with my initials and the date.

Michelle Keating signed for custody of the poop and hair, and called the FBI. They didn't want it. Michelle then called other agencies that continued to "Pass the buck" and didn't want the possible evidence. I then took possession of the possible human hair and will turn it in to the Oregon State Med. examiners' office on 03-19-2002. Our search dog teams have repeatedly found human remains in coyote poop. See "Dela Carlson Report Clatsop Co., Ore."

03-20-2002 1400Hrs. In-route to search area. 1454Hrs. Started on the East side of Hwy 213 headed north. Found a dead deer and bird. Val did get one air-scent alert. Winds swirling from canyon on the West side. She ignored the dead deer remains.

1545Hrs. West side of Hwy 213 down over embankment first level of canyon. Val found two HUMAN "Femur" bones. Fresh. These bones were very fresh. I marked the location with flagging, photographed the bones location and then collected them.

1715Hrs. completed search of Hwy 213. East and West Sides. Val still wanted to head North along #213. Found nothing. Turned every thing, report on CD, hair, bones, to Oregon City PD Evidence Collection officer. 1800Hrs. completed the search efforts. Turned over my reports to OCPD and the FBI.

Michelle Keating K-9-2 with SAR Dog Yogi.
03-10-2002. After meeting with Lori, James, and Breanna, and introducing the scent articles, Yogi and I searched the apartment complex, concentrating on stairways, garages, dumpster areas. After searching the area, Yogi searched in Lori’s vehicle: White four-door hardtop, Hyundai Ore. ###-###. Yogi first tracked out of the apartment complex then northeast towards a dirt embankment. Since Harry was already following that scent, I took Yogi out to the parking lot and concentrated on searching the garages. Yogi went to several apartment doors along the way. The complex driveway is in a circular shape and we followed the scent up to a stairway leading out of the complex towards Beavercreek road. Yogi stopped midway up and did a strong stress alert and ate grass.

Yogi continued up the stairway through some small woods alongside a parking area and wanted to cross Beavercreek road. We went back into the woods where a lot of garbage has been dumped and a muddy road goes through. Whenever we went to the edge of the embankment, below Ward Weaver’s home, Yogi pulled down towards the complex and did a major stress death alert. We walked back down the stairway and when we went past the apartment buildings closest to the canyon, Yogi went past the buildings towards the canyon. We walked past garages and Yogi didn’t have much interest in them.

03-17-2002.Yogi and I searched the creek area going west. He gave major stress death alerts on a grassy area next to the creek. That was an area where very light winds were swirling. We crossed the creek and went uphill along a dirt (mud) road. Yogi didn’t alert along the road, but kept looking toward the creek. Going back down the road and crossing the creek, we proceeded uphill toward the apt. complex to search the brushy area that had a rain-filled fire pit and evidence of heavy use (packed mud area around the pit, places to sit).

Yogi went to the creek beyond the area, but did not alert. We drove to the area east of and behind Fred Meyer’s. Yogi kept wanting to go back towards Beavercreek road when I asked him to find Ashley, but immediately alerted on some coyote feces that had hair and bone in it. The brushy (fir trees and thick berry vines) area had numerous animal trails and lots of coyote feces.

* One envelope containing animal (coyote) feces, with animal hair, three strands of long human hair, one strand of suture cord.

* Attached Photos on disc. of I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Search dogs searching and giving death alerts in creek bed.

*Harry Oakes and Michelle Keating’s training, testing, and work documentation record.

(Note) I put this in our reports to show credibility. So when the Deputy DA’s office reads this case file they know whom they are dealing with.

*Search Dog Valorie’s and Search dog Yogi's training, testing, and work documentation record.

*SAR Dog Valorie documented finding 10 victims dead in the Oklahoma City Bombing. (Check your own FBI records on this report).

*SAR Dog Yogi and SAR Dog Valorie documented finding 25 victims dead in the mud, rubble, and structure collapses, in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck. (Check with the Tegucigalpa Fire Dept Commander). *SAR Dog Valorie documented finding 71 victims dead and 14 victims buried alive in both of the 1999 Turkey Earthquakes. (Check with the Turkish American Conciliate
and military on this report).

*Oregon Department of Justice 1997 Audit of Mr. Oakes files show that his record keeping is 100% accurate.

*Miami Office of the FBI established Mr. Oakes' credibility before using his search dog services in Jamaica on the Claudia Kirshoch case. During the actual search in Jamaica, the Miami's FBI's office forensics team established that "After SAR Dog Valorie alerted on a suspect's vehicle, they found hair and fibers belonging to Claudia Kirshoch. Establishing credibility to SAR Dog Valorie's alerts. Senior FBI Agent Mike Bonner witnessed Val's alerts and track.

*Clark Co. District Attorney's Office Vancouver, Washington established Mr. Oakes as an expert witness in a court of law regarding scent, scent evidence and training, testing, and working search dogs on crime scenes. (State of Washington, Clark County VS. K. Beeson Case. (Kidnapping Charges).

*Copies of Search Warrants issued in Arkansas, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Ohio, and Jamaica, based on Harry's search dogs and scent evidence available upon request.

Strongly suggest Police to re-interview Ward ref: the alerts SAR Dog Valorie is giving on the cemented area behind Wards house and the shed area. Bring in ground penetrating radar and search the cement slab for human remains buried under the slab.

I feel Ashley is buried under the slab. As we had Ashley’s scent article and my dog alerted where the ground and slab made contact with each other.

Search the lay-down freezer inside Ward’s kitchen for Miranda. Also search the nearby shed behind Ward’s house. Why would anyone put 5 no pest strips in the shed and why would all the flies be attracted to this shed unless there was decomposing tissue inside.

Get the FBI agents off the highways with the missing kids photos and put them to work doing field interviews with all of the street kids in Eugene, Portland, Salem, along the Oregon and California coast looking for any possible witnesses.

If the police establish that a tip might be highly probable, send a search dog to the (sighting) area of the missing kids and see if the dog alerts and establishes a track. If it does, then this is a confirmed sighting. If it doesn't then the police would be wasting their money, efforts, and time working on this lead.

Pull the phone records of the home and cellular services for incoming and outgoing calls from both Ashley and the other missing child, their parents records and interview the callers.

If the poop is determined to have human hair inside, perform DNA to see if it belongs to either of the missing girls. If it is established that any of the hair does belong to one of the missing kids, then call us and we'll go back in and find the remains. Especially since all the State Certified SAR dog teams couldn't find anything.

Identify the third body (human remains) hair and human femurs we located behind Beaver creek apts.

For More information go to
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. K-9-1.
International K-9 Search and Rescue Handler Instructor. BPST# 9863.
1-cc- OCPD.

Photos of Some IK9SAR Activities

We work in Wilderness, Urban, Jungle, Water, Desert environments.
Above is a photo of a woman's jaw bone and teeth remains we located in Clatsop Co. Ore. after local sheriff's SAR teams and SAR Dogs from Ore. State Cert. teams failed to find anything.
We use our specially trained dog teams and search coordinators to locate:
• Lost, kidnapped, or missing children or adults
• Runaway children
• Missing Alzheimer patients
• Missing persons, hikers, skiers, climbers, hunters, fishermen, backpackers
• Boaters, swimmers, rafters, kayakers
• Persons who attempt to commit or commit suicide

Searchdog Valorie is trained to search for avalanche victims.

We will respond:
• Anywhere in the world
• In any type of weather: rain, snow, ice, heat, storm
• In any terrain: desert, jungle, urban, rural, wilderness, fresh and salt water, mountains, glacier
• Any time: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, day or night

Documentation of Human finds (Live and Dead) by SAR Coordinator, 
Instructor, Dog Handler Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. 1974 to current.


Just some of our cases to review.

2011-7048-350(A). 10-22-2011 Missing child Runaway, Vanc. Wa. SC Vanc. Wa. RE: C B Walker. Results: Set up investigation plan with family. Did track and search of area. Tracked north on 42 to 131st then east to 50 then north. Stopped search at this location. Debrief. Returned home. 2000hrs. Worked reports. 

2011-7048-350(B). 10-23-2011 Missing child Runaway, Vanc. Wa. Results: 1325hrs. Rcvd call f/ C on my cell phone. K-9-5 witnessed call. Talked with C. Validated he was alive and fine. 

2011-7062-364(A). 11-01-2011 Missing person. Acme, Wa. Person missing since 28 October from the Acme Washington area. J Perez Started investigation. 

2011-7062-364(B). 11-02-2011 .Missing person Acme, Wa. JR Perez Results: Made up missing posters. Posted on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, other website WSP. Called and left VM with 

2011-7062-364(C). 11-03-2011 .Missing person Mt Vernon, Wa. Results: Rcvd scent articles. Drove up north to all the truck and rest stops to Mt Vernon, Checked areas. Subject loc. Alive in Sedro Woolley, Wa.

2011-7067-369(A). 11-07-2011 Multiple murders BC Consult. 

2011-7068-370(A). 11-08-2011 Missing 2 yo child Bellevue, Wa. RP:”BPD FBI Seattle: Sky Metalwala. DLS Sunday am. Results: Sent suggestions on how to find the child. 

2011-7077-379(B). 1 
1-19-2011 Jackson Co. Medford, Ore. Murder investigation Kalen Glacer. 

2011-7083-385(A). 11-23-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore Road search of nearby USFS Roads. 

2011-7086-388(A). 11-24-2011 Drowning India. Mumbai, India. Mohit Shah Age: 32 Results: Did telephone consult. 

2011-7083-385(B). 11-24-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Worked Apirary to Rainier. Worked Misiner, Fern Hill down to Grange. 

2011-7083-385(C). 11-25-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Worked Misiner, Fern Hill down from Grange. Sent email to Longview fibre.

2011-7083-385(D). 11-26-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. D 
rove 1330hrs to CCSO 1530 Cater Rd. 1558hrs. Vernonia Park. North on 47 Big Eddy Co. park. N on Apirary f/ Hwy 47. 1625 Wikes Camp. 

2011-7083-385(E). 11-28-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore Drove North to Chehalis area, worked searches. Then returned to PLS. Debriefed family. 

2011-7083-385(F). 11-29-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Drove North to Chehalis area, worked night search. 

2011-7083-385(G). 11-30-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Drove into Portland checking Hwy 30 and Park N ride parking lots to Tigard, Ore. 

2011-7083-385(H). 12-01-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Results: Drove North worked property south and East of Suspects property. 

2011-7083-385(I). 12-03-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Results: RP: 1800 feet west of the intersection of Bishop Creek Road and Tide Creek Road. It looks like there might be a ravine with a creek. Team: H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1. SAR dog Tyler K-9-1A. Results: Drove to scene. Did search. SAR Dogs. 

2011-7110-412(A). 12-13-2011 SARM St Helens, Ore. Drowning. 1243 hrs. IK9SARS dog teams of Harry Oakes with search dogs Willow and Tyler searched the area of St Helens Max's Moorage / Marina Point Last seen of John sullivan age 43 on 12-11-2011. Both search dogs independent of one another were brought in and both gave "Death Alerts" under the docks at Slip# 9 and # 41. Both of these locations are directly in line with where Mr Sullivan was last seen going into the water. Note: There is another person missing in this area and we didn't have a scent article so I can not be sure whose remains the dogs are alerting on. I left a detailed voice mail with Col. Co. Sheriff's office at 1317hrs. IK9SARS Donated their time and efforts today for the search. SAR Coordinator Harry Oakes. Now this being said, this does not mean the victim(s) remains will remain in this location. There is a strong current and a lot of support logs, wires, for the houseboats where human remains can become entangled. At any time the remains may dislodge and move down stream. 

2011-7110-412(A). 12-14-2011 Missing actress Pakistan SAPNA Results: Consult. 

2011-7083-385(K). 12-17-2011 Missing person Nichole Sherman. Columbia Co. Ore. St Helens, Ore. Results: Eric contacted me via telephone today at 1630hrs. Informed me that nichole’s remains ahd been found Apirary rd mp 4. DOA. Over embankment hit a tree and died. I drove up there, photograph the scene. It appears she just drove right over the edge no skid marks and the brush covered the vehicle. Right across the street from a house. 

2011-7120-422(A). 12-20-2011 Missing person KS U Mo. Overland Park Ks City Police Department Tomahawk Ridge Community Center Investigations Division Re A Khan Results: Sent vm to det. W/suggestions. 

More updaets available by contacting us at 
March. 2009 Diamond Collar Award issued to Harry Oakes for SAR Dog Valorie’s work around the world. Awarded by the Oregon Humane Society.

Mr. Oakes has documented # 8,886 missions, with 3,694 documented finds & assisted finds, of people, pets, suspect identifications, and evidence. Documentation of credibility in local court systems, search missions, and awards, on file for review at our office. This is a world record in # of search missions performed and successful finds in the history of search and rescue (SAR). 

Harry has trained over 6,650 dogs and handlers all over the world for SAR. He's won hundreds of local awards for life saving and community service to include the Higgins and Langley Swift Water Rescue Award, the National Jefferson Award, The International K-9 Services Life Saving Award and three letters from the President of The United States of America.

International K9 Search and Rescue Services 
Office of Emergency Management
PO Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632 USA
Mobile 503-705-0258
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Mr. Harry Oakes is an expert in the field of search and rescue. With 46 years of experience, he has been brought in by the FBI, City Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Office, National Parks, Embassy officials, other government agencies and private families to help solve missing persons cases. 

Since 1986 Mr. Oakes documented over 12,860 calls around the world. Mr. Oakes has a documented 99% success rate of either finding the victim(s), or determining what really happened to them. 

Runaways, suicides, homicides, accidental deaths, kidnappings, natural disasters, man made disasters such as bombings, transportation accidents, persons who are lost, missing, presumed dead. Missing children. These are the types of cases Mr. Oakes handle’s every week.

Being an expert in his field, many attorneys as well as law enforcement agencies turn to Mr. Oakes for consulting advice. So do other SAR units.

Mr. Oakes helped developed the N.A.S.A.R. and F.E.M.A. K-9 SAR Standards as well as International SAR Standards. 

Media often calls on Mr. Oakes to discuss current events, cases. Mr. Oakes has been featured in People Magazine, This week Magazine, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Nancy Grace, as well as cases discussed on Oprah and other shows.

If you need his assistance contact Mr. Harry Oakes at or call Harry directly through his office at cell 503-705-0258. 

Order his book on "Search and Rescue" Harry discusses all aspects of Search and Rescue. Training the person for SAR, training a dog for SAR, the ugly politics of SAR, case by case reviews, photos of his work around the world. He talks about the Kyron Horman case as well as many other cases he's been involved in.

On this CD Harry also included his first book “A Call to Duty”. SAR Stories through his second search dog’s eyes Ranger.

He also includes his “Forensic Scent Evidence” and “The Truth about Scent, Search and Dogs, and Search and Rescue”. A case by case study of some of his search cases around the world.

When you’re done reading all of the stories, please email Harry at and let him know what you thought of his book on CD. You may also download this CD then pass it on to others so they may learn about SAR. 

Thank You.
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
SAR Coordinator / K9 Instructor. International K9 Search and Rescue Services.

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