Happy ending.

12-02-06 0530Hrs. Received a call to fly immediately down to San Diego, Ca. re: Lost injured dog. Lost from a vet clinic at 0430 Hrs. this date.
Responded. Obtained scent article. Val tracked dog 1 mile down into a rattle snake filled canyon. there on the ridge was the dog. Very scared but very much alive.
It took us about an 1/2 hour to coax the dog down from the ridge but he's doing fine. A happy vet, and two happy dog owners.

Thanks to Harry and Valorie, here are some very happy endings for dogs who were lost and have been reunited with their guardians. We would like to have some cat photos of some of the many cats they have found, but the cats were camera shy after their ordeals.
Found Pet

Tillamook Floods


11-07-06 IK9SARS Swift Water Night SAR Rescue team was activated by the Humane Society of Cowlitz Co. to help rescue two cats. The cats were
floating on furniture in the kitchen where the water level was 1 foot from
the ceiling. They had been there 24 hours. We kayaked out 1/4 mile past
under live power lines, water was full of the normal dead animals, human
waste, fertilizer, hazmat crap. We broke the back kitchen window while
balancing on a kayak and rescue two very scared cold cats (see photos on right).

SUCCESS! but this found cat was having none of the photo session (that's why it's a little blurry)!

Hello all, We have great news... Kirra was found unharmed in a story that was made for an after school special. Long story short, some street kids had her and Kirra was helping them all out with their lives for a week.
We want to thank our wonderful group of friends for their support
through this experience!
Jami, Kirra and I will be roaming the city removing flyers from so
many poles and boards with large smiles on our faces...
Love, R, J and K

Chinese-crested dog with loving companion again after being stolen.

Kobe back home safe with his Mom


Another success story from Seattle.  Great job  …….  07/12/06

Lucy female pug now home safe.

Leonberger was lost for three days.

Missy back safe in Dorothy's arms.

Mastiff saved from 40 foot deep dry well. Harry and the Oregon Humane Society Law Enf. division rescued her.

Dogs and guardian reunited after Valorie tracked them for 6 miles.

This dog was lost in the woods for five days when Harry and Valorie found her.

Hudson safe at home again after being missing for two days. 

Sukie Turtle safe at home in Sac Ca.




Finding Lost People

Harry Oakes is an expert in all aspects in the field of search and rescue. With 46 years of experience, he has been brought in by the FBI, City, County, State and Federal Police Agencies, National Parks Services, US Embassy officials, other US and foreign government agencies, as well as private families to help solve missing persons cases around the world. 

Since 1986 Mr. Oakes has received and documented over 12,860 call request around the world for missing persons, evidence, and lost pets. 

Mr. Oakes has a documented 99% success rate of either finding the victim(s), or determining what really happened to them. 

Runaways, child and adult kidnappings, suicides, homicides, hunters, hikers, boaters, accidental deaths, natural disasters, man made disasters such as bombings, transportation accidents, persons who are lost, missing, presumed dead. Mysterious disappearance. 

To date, Harry has a 100% success rate at finding runaways. 

These are the types of cases Mr. Oakes handle’s every week. 

Being an expert in his field, many Prosecuting and defense attorneys as well as law enforcement agencies turn to Mr. Oakes for consulting advice. So do other SAR units.

May 2014, The Singer Law Firm brought in Mr. Oakes to testify on a wrongful death suit. He assisted in helping the Singer Group win a $8,000.000.00 million dollar settlement for their client with his expert testimony regarding, scent, scent evidence, search dogs, and homicide investigations. 

Harry has also been qualified as an expert in the courts of law and has given expert testimony in every state in the USA as well as the islands of St Thomas, St Croix, USVI. Jamaica, and in the countries of Turkey, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada, Philippines, and Mexico. 

Mr. Oakes helped developed the N.A.S.A.R. and F.E.M.A. K-9 SAR Standards as well as International SAR Standards. 

National and local media and Attorneys seeking an expert witness regarding SAR, Search dogs, scent, scent evidence, often call on Mr. Oakes to discuss current events, disasters, preparedness, missing persons cases. 

Mr. Oakes has been featured in People Magazine, This week Magazine, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Nancy Grace, as well as cases discussed on Oprah and other shows. 

If you need his assistance contact Mr. Harry Oakes at 
sardogk91@aol.com or through his office at office 503-705-0258. 

Are you a family member who needs help finding a lost loved one? Are you a law enforcement agency whose local resources have failed to find any a missing person and you need some assistance?
Harry Oakes
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator.

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