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Carry your essentials
Wear proper clothing and carry the following essentials in a small backpack:

Water: at least 2 qts.
Plastic Whistle
Pocket Knife (or Utility Knife)
Topographical Map of area
Compass (2)
Signal Mirror
Space Blankets(2)
Flashlight: extra batteries
and bulb (2)
Tin cup or something to boil water in.
Toilet Paper
Note book and pencil
Insect repellant
Red Handkerchief

Emergency Tent:
9'x 12' piece of plastic and roll of unscented waxed dental floss for tent
Fire Starters:
magnesium match.
First Aid Kit:
4 triangular bandages,
wrap, tape, Benadryl,
Sting-eze, Bandaids,
4x4 gauze pads (4)
Warm Clothing:
ski cap
thermo underwear
outer gortex jacket, pants
(wool or polar fleece lining)

Summer Survival:

If you get lost:

1.       Stop and stay in one place.

2.       Develop a plan of action including ways to avoid hypothermia, collect food and water, as well as how to signal for help.

3.       Mark your location so you can be found.

4.       Get out of the elements. Find or build a shelter.

5.       Build a fire, if it is safe to do so.

6.       Gather and eat edible plants (if you can identify them safely).

7.    Purify any water you collect

Winter Survival:

Recently in Oregon, one family lost their father in Southern Oregon due to hypothermia. Three mountain climbers lost their lives on Mt. Hood in Dec. 06.  

Needless deaths which were totally preventable. 

I’ve been teaching winter survival since 1974.

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Office 503-705-0258.

We teach all ages.  

How to build a snow cave.

What gear to carry in the winter and how to use it.

Proper layering of clothing. 

Sleeping bag, ensolite pad, fuel stove, collecting and making a wood fire in deep snow.

Marking your snow cave. Keeping your snow cave vented. 

Disaster proofing your vehicle, home, office, and family.  

Preparing for Floods, fires, snow storms, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc. 

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