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Typhoon Haiyan  Philippine Island of Leyte

International K9 Search and Rescue Services office was contacted immediately  after  Typhoon Haiyan struck in the southern islands of the Philippines. Our teams were placed on standby.
We assisted before during the 1990 earthquake and we were quite successful in not only finding the dead victims, but also providing medical aid to over 300 injured and sick victims.

There are 38,000 people affected just on the island of Leyte alone. This does not including the lost injured pets.

It’s common for the Philippine folks to eat dogs and cats on the island. Also monkey’s and other animals. There are many different types of animals found on the island that can be killed and eaten. 2000 types of fish, (most edible).  Many types of fruits including coconuts, bananas, Atis. And much more

Other concerns: There are three active Muslim terrorist groups operate actively in this area. Kidnapping s is how they support their groups financially.

How to start the recovery efforts.

All the Philippine Military has to do is go in with their Special Forces operations teams, along with their regular army, and set up martial law and patrols.

Next, bring in food, water, shelter.

Next recover the bodies. You don’t need body bags. In Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck killing thousands, we used plastic garbage bags and duct tape to pack the bodies in. Sheets work as well.

Search / Rescue / Recovery.
Set up search quadrants. Search for living victims, then dead victims. Take one section at a time. Rescue the living, recover the dead. Photograph the dead, perform a mass burial.

Then start the rebuilding.

What the locals can do while waiting for help.

There are several fishing boats can go out fishing and catch fish. Bring the fish back to feed the hungry. Shoot the salt water crocs and sharks eating on the dead human remains and eat the sharks and crocs.

Other people can set up make shift shelters and medical shelters. Anyone with medical training. Start triage.

Other folks can collect fire wood from destroyed houses and build fires to boil sea water. Collect the evaporated steam from the sea water. This is fresh drinking water.

Establish areas for people to pee and poop so as not to continue to contaminate the area.

Others can be sent out to collect edible plants.

The Philippine government can bring in resources. Military, law enforcement. Doctors without borders, medics, nurses, emts, SAR Dogs, engineers, then folks trained to help in rebuilding. Then resupply the base support teams until the effort is complete.

Let’s quit the complaining and get to work.

We’ve offered our services but cannot respond until given written permission to by the Philippine government. If this happens, then we must obtain written permission from an airline which can transport our SAR dog teams with our SAR Dogs flying IN CABIN. This means the dogs will not fly in crates, but will fly at our feet inside the commercial aircraft to and from the Philippines. The airlines must be able to donate the flights to and from the Philippines as we don’t have the funding to pay for the flights.

Once we land in Manila, then the Philippine Military must be able to provide our teams with transportation into the stricken areas and security at our base camp so our SAR people, SAR dogs, equipment is protected, not looted and stays safe during our SAR operations.

We would then meet with the Person in charge of the SAR operations of that area. Be assigned search areas and be escorted by Military to and from the search areas. We would mark the locations of the dead victims located in the rubble. It would be their job to recover the remains. If we find anyone alive, we would initiate the rescue and recovery. Then return to base camp to rest. After our teams have worked 7 days, then we would return home and fresh teams can be sent in to continue the efforts.

Disaster SAR Coordinator

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.
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This is dedicated to all those families I’ve helped over the last 41 years bring closure after finding their loved ones dead.
If I could ease your pain I would.
I just found your loved one dead. I’m so sorry for your loss.
I see the shock and horror of disbelief in your eyes, as tears well up and flood your face.
I hear the pain and agony you feel in your voice. I feel it too.
If I could ease your pain, I would.
I would hold you in my strong arms and comfort you.
I would try to protect you from the pain and agony of your loss that you feel.
I’ve feel your pain and I’ve seen this look a thousand times before.
It never gets easier.
I’ve found victims dead in Earthquakes, tornados, transportation accidents, natural deaths, terrorist attacks, suicides, climbing accidents, floods, fires, homicides, Tsunamis, and so many other ways a life is lost.
I’ve been there, I’ve seen it. I felt it.
I go about my job because that’s what I do.
I find the living and the dead with the help of my search dogs.
I secure the scene, I package the remains, and help bring your loved one home so you can say Goodbye.
Then when I return to tell you of our findings, I sadly have to share the bad news to you.
It’s hard for me to give you this sad news. I so want to give everyone happy news.
I fight back my own tears of the memories from loved ones I’ve lost along the way. I know your pain all to well.
Tonight I’ll sit quietly watching the sun set, the stars come out, the moon rise. I’ll feel the breeze hit my face as it caresses my own tears as they run down my face.
I’ll hold my search dog partners close and I’ll cry for your loss and your pain.
Now I must get ready for the next mission.
Please know you are not alone.
Please know that I understand your pain, your sadness, your sorrow.
My Search dogs and I were brought here to help you find closure.
We did that.
We’re now off on our next case and will hold the memory of bringing you closure as we try to help find the next loved one missing and bring them home.
Good night.
Your friends forever
Harry Oakes
SAR Dog Willow, SAR Dog Tyler.
In loving memory of SAR Dog Kodi, SAR Dog Ranger, and SAR Dog Valorie.
My other K9 partners whom I’ve lost along the way over the years.
Written by Harry E. Oakes Jr. K9 SAR Coordinator
International K9 SAR Services
Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.
On 01-06-2013 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Teams were asked to enter the search efforts in Coos Bay, Oregon for missing person: Holly Berry.

Holly is described as a white female adult. Lives on Norman ST. Coos Bay, Oregon, Cell is currently turned off but was with her. Place Last Seen. Thursday January 3rd in the afternoon on foot and never returned. Holly is described as having Brown straight hair w/ waive pony tail. Mid back length. No earrings, no jewelry. 34 year old w/ mental health issues, Size 6 shoe. Med. Build. black tennis shoes, possibly pink jeans, purple coat (new) with some white on the sleeves, always has her gray and hot pink backpack. Always wears 10 bracelets on each arm. Bright and colorful. Currently taking about 7 drugs, so having stopped “cold turkey” is a big medical issue.

Described as emotionally handicapped, especially towards men, over the years has had many diagnoses, currently: schizo-effective and PTSD.

Holly has made several conflicting statements to her family. The first is that she may have disappeared on purpose. The second is that she might try to kill herself.

Coos Bay Police Dept. Case# 2013-0057.

With the searches conducted by Coos Bay Police Dept, Coos County Search and Rescue, their K9 units and our K9 SAR units cleared the areas of Highest probability.

The scent trails in the search areas were so heavily contaminated by searchers, public, and transient populations that a legit track is unable to be obtained.
Rule out area searches of the areas of highest probability by K9 teams indicate alerts on dead human remains in the waters under the North Bend Bridge and south of there in the inlet. The Coast Guard Coos Bay, Ore. have been advised. Since there are several people missing in the area, it's unknown whose remains the sar dogs are alerting on in the waters.

The wooded areas around where Holly Berry lives is are thick and heavily contaminated by trash from Transient population in the areas.

These areas have been repeatedly searched by everyone involved.

30 days later Holly's remains were recovered in Shallow water face up.
Police are investigating if this is an accidental death or a homicide.

Explosions the hidden killer.

We've all seen the video footage of the Terrorist attack on the Boston Runners. And now we're seeing more film on the West Texas explosion.

Yes, hundreds of people have been injured and some killed by both explosions. Sadly more will die if not properly diagnosed with brain and tissue damage caused by the shock waves of the explosion. 

So, if you know anyone who was running in Boston, or living within the blast zone in West Texas, when you talk to them ask them to go get checked.  

They may insist they are ok, but unknowingly, they may have suffered from tissue damage and may be bleeding out internally. 

Many of our soldiers overseas have been exposed to this kind of trauma from IED's. The military has learned the hard way not to take the damage done from the shock waves of the blast to lightly.

Have your family, friends, and their pets checked out immediately. 

If they complain of Headaches, dizzyness, upset stomach, these are just some of the sign's / symptoms of shock wave damage to tissues/brains.

One more thought came to mind from a Rescuer's / recovery specialist point of view after a disaster. 


If your child was a victim of today's horrible attack in Boston, and all a rescuer found was a piece of a child's finger or hand, this may be the only way to identify your child. Or if he/she is badly burned other then dental records, do it today please. Pass this on. 

Wash and dry your child's hands. Take an ink pad, ink up their fingers, press the inked fingers on a clean piece of computer printer paper. Next go to a second piece of paper and do it again. The first removes most of the ink. The second piece should give us a clean finger print showing the loops, arches, wurls, that we need to identify a print.  

Next attach a face photo of the child (current) and a side photo showing the CHILD's EAR. (THis is a must). Each ear is diffent from person to person. If your child is ever kidnapped, then we can match up their photo from security cameras at the bus station, airports, train station, hotels, where ever a child is reported after an amber alert.  

If your child is a victim of a natural disaster or man made disaster then this will help us id him/her. You should make three original print cards each year. One stays with you. One with the child's other parent. The other is kept with your family or your spouse, partner's family in case you all disappear.  

You can get a free finger print id kit by writing to me at or through your local police dept.

Thank You.
Help us Help You.
Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.



With the terrorist attacks in Boston today, 04-15-2013, this is a great time and a sad time as well to remind everyone. If you are going to a public event please do the following.  

Keep your eyes and ears open. If someone or something looks suspicious, photograph it, him, her, with your cell phone, back away and call 911.
Always let someone know where you are going.  

Make sure you carry a small day pack with some basics to survive such a horrible event as todays bombing in Boston.  

A small first aid kit containing first aid gloves, 10 4x4 gauze pads, three triangular bandages, first aid tape, pencil, note pad, space blanket, asprin, water, pocket knife (I recommend a multitool knife). Flashlight, (I recommend a headlamp) and small amount of food. (I carry a package of beef jerkey).  

In the event you are stranded from a terrorist attack, or natural disaster, you at least have some basics to survive on.  

And, if you are a victim of a terrorist attack or run into a victim, then you have a first aid kit that can help make the difference. BE PREPARED.
Whether it's a christmas tree lighting in Portland, Ore. A marathon in Boston, goind to work in downtown Manhattan at the Twin Towers, or resting on a sleepy calm beach in Thailand, disaster can strike. Are you prepared? 

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.



We all enjoy the back country. Getting away from it all. But having worked in avalanche country for 27 years and watching the news from last night, I must remind everyone to be aware.

Many years ago a very dear friend of mine, Jeff Wong, lost his life in an avalanche on Mt Hood, Ore. We taught the EMT  program together at MHCC. He was a prof. Ski patrol instructor. Two of his ski patrol members witnesses the release and was there digging him out within seconds but it was to late. Jeff had just been married a few months prior and left behind a wonderful wife and beautiful little daughter. 

I myself have released an avalanche while on ski patrol in White river canyon with my dog Valorie. Luckily she was above me to the right. I was able to ski out of it. Our snow here in the NW is heavy.
When it takes you, it's swift, wet, cold, and sets up like concrete.

Before you go out and play dig a pit and check the snow levels to see what is fresh and what is old.

You will see the depth hoar and sluff layers. Stay OFF the slopes of  45 to 90 degrees and remember even the small releases can kill you. 

If you witness a release and you are the rescuer, remember the clock is ticking. Go to the release zone. Probe immediately with your skis, probes, snow shoes, what ever you have. If you have a strike, dig quickly. If you are lucky enough to make a find, uncover his/her mouth and remove the snow plug in their mouth so they can breath. If they are not breathing start mouth to mouth right away. 

If you are the victim caught in a slide, swim hard, as the snow starts to set up, take a deep breath while covering your mouth with your hand and try to form an air pocket.

Try pushing your hand through the snow to show rescuers' where you are. You can also spit to see which direction is UP.   Most of the victims (over 90%) are in the toe (last third) of the avalanche release zone area.

Divide the release area into 3 sections. The first third is an area of low probability. The second third holds about 8 percent of the victim's. The last third known as the Toe area holds about 90% of the victims.

The best device you can use to save your life is COMMON SENSE. The next is an pieps avalanche transmitter/receiver unit. THE ELT's save lives and are worth the $300.00 dollar investment. Make sure you wear them, make sure you test them before traveling, and make sure they are on while enjoying the outdoors.  

There are newer products out on the market to help you survive. One is called the avalanche lung. It's a rebreather that helps kick lose the Co2 and allows you to breath O2. I don't put a lot of faith in these devices but when you're buried everything helps.

Have fun out there and be safe.
Harry Oakes
SAR Coordinator.


We cannot even express our gratitude to you. I am so amazed by your skill and your kind and gentle spirit. 
Thank you for bringing your talent to people in need...and for training dogs who would otherwise not have a chance at purpose and survival in life.
You are an amazing soul and we will always appreciate you.
Dani and Vicki

International K-9 Search and Rescue Services Press Release: On 02-20-2013 International K9 Search and Rescue Services was asked to respond to Chehalis regarding a missing show dog. The dog was riding inside a vehicle that was involved in a serious injury accident on I-5 MP 79 on 02-19-2013.

In talking with Fire Chief Johnson from Chehalis / Centrailia area his fire crew while responding to the vehicle accident yesterday saw the missing dog named Steele running on Main st.

This gave me a better location to start my search dogs from. We started the track and a volunteer searcher named Bret with his yellow lab went ahead of us and while doing so found "Steele's foot prints along the route that my search dogs were tracking steele's scent trail.

Within 1/2 hour, bret, his yellow lab and my two search dogs Willow and Tyler had located "Steele" hiding and very scared in the briars near a pond. We calmed Steele down, and bret was able to get Steele to come to him, he put a leash around Steele and walke Steele out.

A happy ending for this poor little dog. Steele was cold dehydrated hypothermic and had some minor scrapes but all in all appeared to be ok. He was transported by some volunteers to the vet's office for examination.

I want to personally thank all of the volunteers and of course Bret and his dog who assisted in the capture of Steele.

Happy ending. I love em. 

K9 Search and Rescue 

K9 Search and Rescue SAR Dogs offer services for finding lost people, lost pets and help in emergencies and natural disasters.

Press Release re: 2013-7534-029. 


RE: 01-11-2013 Drowning PORTLAND, Ore. Missing: Steven Wright Gifford, 59, at the Rocky Point Marina at 23976 N.W. St. Helens Road. He was reported missing two days later.  

SAR Dog team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1 SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1A. Results: 02-04-2013 1315hrs. Arrived 1415hrs. SAR Dog handler Harry Oakes with SAR dogs Willow and Tyler did a walk through on docks with Jen the Mgr. from Rocky Point Marina.  

Both SAR Dogs alerted at end of dock.  

02-05-2013, Mr. Gifford's remains recovered a few feet from where Willow and Tyler alerted on 02-04-2013. Jen the Mgr witnessed the alerts and recovery. 

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.

Press Release. On 01-26-2013 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. was asked to enter the private search for endangered Missing 14 yo Runaway Antonio Ramon Paredes.  

On 01-27-2013 I met with Antonio's mother at their residence and after our investigation / search efforts.

I made a few calls as well as performed our search on 01-28-2013.   

On 01-29-2013 Antonio called his grandmother and is now safe staying with his uncle.
Portland Police advised. :).

1-30-2013 Active Shooter at work, school, mall?
Check out the video:!/harry.oakes.9 active shooter

 On 01-06-2013 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Teams were asked to enter the search efforts in Coos Bay, Oregon for missing person: Holly Berry.

Holly is described as a white female adult. Lives on Norman ST. Coos Bay, Oregon, Cell is currently turned off but was with her. Place Last Seen. Thursday January 3rd in the afternoon on foot and never returned. Holly is described as having Brown straight hair w/ waive pony tail. Mid back length. No earrings, no jewelry. 34 year old w/ mental health issues, Size 6 shoe. Med. Build. black tennis shoes, possibly pink jeans, purple coat (new) with some white on the sleeves, always has her gray and hot pink backpack. Always wears 10 bracelets on each arm. Bright and colorful. Currently taking about 7 drugs, so having stopped “cold turkey” is a big medical issue.

Described as emotionally handicapped, especially towards men, over the years has had many diagnoses, currently: schizo-effective and PTSD.

Holly has made several conflicting statements to her family. The first is that she may have disappeared on purpose. The second is that she might try to kill herself.

Coos Bay Police Dept. Case# 2013-0057.

With the searches conducted by Coos Bay Police Dept, Coos County Search and Rescue, their K9 units and our K9 SAR units there are three possibilities in this cased based on what's been found so far.
1). That Holly may have killed herself.
2). That someone else may have harmed, killed Holly and her remains have yet to be found.
3). That Holly disappeared on purpose and is in hiding.

The scent trails in the search areas were so heavily contaminated by searchers, public, and transient populations that a legit track is unable to be obtained.
Rule out area searches of the areas of highest probability by K9 teams indicate alerts on dead human remains in the waters under the North Bend Bridge and south of there in the inlet. The Coast Guard Coos Bay, Ore. have been advised. Since there are several people missing in the area, it's unknown whose remains the sar dogs are alerting on in the waters.

The wooded areas around where Holly Berry lives is are thick and heavily contaminated by trash from Transient population in the areas.
These areas have been repeatedly searched by everyone involved.
We are asking for the publics assistance in this case.
If you know Holly or have heard where she is, or what's happened to her, please contact either Coos Bay Police Department or I.K.9.S.A.R.S. and let us know.
Thank You.
Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.
1-21-2013  Drowning victim

I.K.9.S.A.R.S. Case# 2013-7534-029.

On 01-17-2013 SAR Dog Handler Harry Oakes responded to Rocky Point Marina to search for a drowning victim in PORTLAND, Ore.

Missing: Steven Wright Gifford, 59, WMA 6’01 165 grey brn Was last seen around 10 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 11 at the Rocky Point Marina at 23976 N.W. St. Helens Road. He was reported missing two days later.

Team; H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1 SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1A. Results: 1315hrs. Arrived. Did walk through on docks. MCSO Advised of location of where sar dogs scented to dead human remains under the dock.
Video of search dogs locating death scent attached.

1-4 & 1-5-2013  MISSING PERSON
On 01-04-2013, I.K.9.S.A.R.S. teams were activated to search for a missing person at Multnomah Falls, Ore. The missing person age 43, was last heard from on 12-31-2012 texting a friend where to find his remains.


01-05-2013 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. K9 SAR teams of Harry Oakes with SAR Dogs Willow and Tyler along with Cher Williams and her SAR Dog Elly worked in plus 7 degree temperatures with the wind chill factor. (Air temp 32 degrees Winds from east at 25mph. Wind Chill Factor 7 Degrees F).

All 3 SAR dogs indicate “DEATH ALERTS” on the missing person’s scent in the upper pool area of Mult Falls, Ore. Police and Family have been notified.

Victim's remains were recovered 6 months later right where SAR Dogs from IK9SARS said they were in the upper pool. We were 100% accurate again.

12-18-2012  Shooting solutions in our schools
To Senators, Congressmen/women, Re Subject: Shooting solutions in our schools.

As a former Police officer of 12 years and a child safety instructor of over 27 years,
here are my suggestion to our senators and congressmen/women.

That is to allow private trained citizens as myself with law enforcement training to carry concealed on school property, also teach, school staff (teachers and principals) to carry and use firearms.

First, as a former police officer my normal response time to a shooting in district would be between 2 minutes and 6 minutes.

The average shooting incident takes 1 minute before it's all over.

The laws in each state need to be changed immediately to allow armed citizens, (CCW Permit holders), teachers, principals, to carry CCW.

As it stands now it's illegal to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds.

So as a former police officer and CCW Permit holder, if I hear shooting going on right now as I pass by a school, legally I risk arrest if I enter the school with my weapon to try to save the teachers, children.

So this means if I obey the laws as they are written now, i would have to dial 911 and listen as everyone is murdered.

I say, let's teach the teachers, school principals, to be the first responders to an incident.
Allow them to carry a Concealed weapon. An extensive background check should be done, a CCW permit obtained and a specialized training class by the local police department or sheriff's office to teach these folks how to shoot in a congested area should be required.

And change the laws immediately to allow CCW permit holders to carry their weapons on our school grounds.

Let's call this the "Save Our Children Now" law. SOCN.

Harry Oakes
International K9 Search and Rescue Coordinator
12-12-2012 Missing Cat search Los Gatos, Ca
Missing Cat search Los Gatos, Ca.
Hi Harry, I want to thank you, Willow, and Tyler for your help and compassion. It was an impressive process to watch. We received a phone call early this morning from a neighbor at Camino del Cerro who had seen Jupiter's postcard. That is the street at the end of Westchester, she lives a couple houses down from Blossom Hill Rd. we had seen coyotes walking down that way before. They had his remains removed by the San Jose Animal Control people. Tomorrow they will be open so I can go down to confirm that it was really him.

This is all consistent with your dogs' discovery at 160 Westchester. Ed and I are completely devastated, but realize all of this information, even as graphic as it is, provides us the closure we need to heal. He was a most amazing and beloved cat. We are focusing on giving lots of love and comfort to his buddy, Ganymede. We have the most respect and gratitude for what you do. Our very best regards, Janine an Ed

11-27-2012 IK9SARS teams responded to Santa Clarita, Ca. (Near LA Ca.) re a lost dog missing in the rattle snake infested LA canyons.

Our search dogs were able to help direct the family to find their missing dog. Happy Ending.

Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.

2012-7469-445. 11-29-2012 Camino, Ca. Missing person search. David Clement Missing in Camino, CA. Teams; H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1. SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1A. Cher Williams SAR Dog Elly K9-5.

Results: Drove to scene. Did search. SAR dogs tracked David's scent trail from his home West to Hwy 50 South side, then South onto private property area. All 3 SAR dogs gave death alerts on dead human scent.

Family advised of location. Also Sheriff's advised of our search results.
This could be someone else dead in the area.
Harry Oakes Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator.
11-30-2012 A Big THANKS!
Hello, I just wanted to thank you and your dogs again for helping us out yesterday – it certainly was a happy ending! You led us in the right direction and showed us where she had been wandering. I was so impressed by how your dogs worked with you – watching them track where my dog had been brought tears to my eyes. Dogs are so amazing! You are making a great difference in the lives of so many. May God bless you and your work. I will pass on your web site information to any pet owners I know.
Thank you.
  -Kim & Doug Magnuson & Megan
11-12-2012 Sandy Disaster ... What Do You Do First?
Buckled roads What To Do In A Disaster Like Sandy

     In a disaster most roads near the event will be destroyed and closed. Think….how are you going to navigate in or out of the area?  There's More .....  Your vehicle is destroyed. You can wade into these polluted waters. What are you going to do?

CLICK HERE to see more the rest of this information.
10-30-2012 Hurricane Sandy Information

Hurricane Sandy victims.

If you are missing a family member (person or pet) please contact International K9 SAR Services and we'll try to help you.  

Our email is  

Please give us your name, address, telephone#, current email address, and a complete description on who or what you are missing. Date last seen, Location last seen, etc. If you've been displaced then give us your current location on where you are staying.

We'll try to help you via email FREE OF CHARGE. 

Don't call us. We're overwhelmed with calls at this time. Just send emails please.

SAR Coordinator
Int. K9 SAR Services.

10-08-2012 search for Kyle Wallace
10-08-2012 0630hrs. SAR Dog Handler Cher Williams, her SAR dog Elly, and I with my search dogs Willow and Tyler performed a search for Kyle Wallace.
“With the search conducted on 10-08-2012, this searched showed me that it appears that Kyle went into the woods traveling south along a narrow game trail. Then worked his way back up to the access roadway (See map) and then to Devil’s punch bowl where his scent trail stopped.
This indicates to me that person(s) unknown picked up Kyle in a motor vehicle and removed him from the area.
During the debriefing with Kyle’s aunt and grandmother, both admitted to me that Kyle’s girlfriend’s housemate works at the Devils Punch bowl area and that the search dog’s were accurate in following Kyle’s scent as he had been picked up two days before disappearing at this specific location.
The dogs had picked up the original track but then also alerted on an earlier contaminated track from prior activity of Kyle. We did inform the family that we did receive death alerts coming from the ocean near this location. It is unknown when, where, why, or how Kyle entered the ocean.
During our search we reported that there were numerous death alerts (death scent detected by our search dogs originating from a dead human) alerts observed by all 3 SAR dogs on the ridge North of the cove.
Alerts coming from the south.
This area was followed up on by the US Coast Guard, Lincoln Co. Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police.
On 10-23-2012 Kyle’s family was notified that Kyle’s remains had been recovered in the ocean near this location.
We want to thank the US Coast Guard, The Oregon State Police and Lincoln Co. SO for their follow up on our reports and the recovery of Wallace’s remains.
Mr. Harry Oakes

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On 09-28-2012, I.K.9.S.A.R.S. responded to Greer, Arizona on Mount Baldy with two dog handlers and three search dogs to determine what happened to hiker Frank Carl Patane who disappeared Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011 on Mount Baldy in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, Sheep’s Crossing near Greer, Az.
Throughout our search, we were able to determine with 100% accuracy that Frank had died on the Mountain and through the use of maps, compass, and GPS bearings, we were able to determine where Frank’s death scent was originating from.
Frank’s family and local law enforcement authorities were notified.
A map is attached showing the location of the alerts and the direction of the source of those alerts by our search dogs.
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.

To See A Larger Version

"There is someone making requests and statements on FACEBOOK and the internet stating that " I want divers to search Shag Lake for Joanie Hall's remains".
This isn't a true statement at all.
Here's I.K.9.S.A.R.S. position on this cold case.
A few years ago we were approached privately to search various areas of Warrenton, Ore. and Astoria, Oregon for human remains. The persons requesting our assistance had no scent articles belonging to this missing person.
During our search, information was brought forward to me that a person of interests in Joanie's case was seen about the time of her disappearance at Shag Lake.
We went there with 3 search dogs and all 3 sar dogs did in fact repeatedly indicate a death alert in specific area of the lake on human remains.
Authorities have been notified. This is the end of our participation in this case. WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE other then the authorities searching Shag Lake for human remains.
Please disregard anyone else's request for assistance on this matter.
Harry E. Oakes Jr.
From this date forward and until further notice, I.K.9.S.A.R.S. will be providing only Consulting services to the RCMP, Missing children’s Society of Canada, and private citizens of BC Canada regarding missing persons (Adults and Children), disasters, and lost pets.

I will be glad to help everyone in need in Canada with my 40 years of SAR Expertise.

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
SAR Coordinator
On 07-28-2012, I.K.9.S.A.R.S. assistance was requested privately to locate a missing person. Missing from a drowning near Orting, Wa. Case# 2012-7274-249.
Missing - Joshua James McNamara - Drowning search.
Teams: H. Oakes SAR Dog Willow K-9-1. SAR Dog Tyler K-9-1A. Cher Williams SAR dog Elly K-9-5.
Results: Met w/ Client in Orting, Wa. 1015hrs. Worked the search area, 1100hrs. All 3 SAR dogs located victim in water ¼ mile down stream from PLS 128th st Bridge. Victim was stuck under log. Victim’s remains were later recovered.
5-14-2012 DOG FOUND  -  THANK YOU!
Harry, we found our dog. Thanks to your advice that he went North, we began to to put up flyers all around the north end of Tacoma. A lady found him earlier in the week and was out walking Gus when she saw one of our flyers.
Thanks for your help
Andy Taylor
5-2-2012 $500.00 REWARD!
International K9 Search and Rescue Servces is offering a $500.00 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the suspect(s) involved in injuring Search and Rescue Coordinator Harry Oakes on April 23, 2012 on hwy 30 near Astoria, Ore.

Statement: While returning from the Oregon Coast on Hwy 30, I was traveling East. I had just passed Tongue Point Rd approaching the curves towards Harmony Ln when two cars passed me traveling west bound. The only thing I remember was that the driver in the car behind the other vehicle pulled his hand out of his vehicle and then my windshield exploded. I felt a high amount of air pressure and spray of shattered safety glass strike my sun glasses and face. I immediately pulled over and shook the glass out of my hair, clothing, eyes, face, and checked both of my search dogs to see if they were ok. They were. I pulled numerous shards of glass out of me and the search dogs fir.

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Reports filed with Clatsop Co. SO Dispatch and OSP Trooper Dennis Thomas Case# 12-132-654

Harry Oakes
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator.

Police are to blame for the death of Susan's children.

I know this is a harsh statement but let's look at the facts. Denise Cox is going public making the statement that if the police had arrested Josh Powell on the forensic evidence, Susan's blood found in the home, the cheesy story Josh gave for her disappearance, the young boy's  .......... CLICK HERE To Read The Rest Of This Story

2-12-2012 7 Year Old Girl Fights Off Attacker

Nathan Clarke Grand Cayman islands On 02-28-2012 the friends and family of Nathan Clarke along with the Grand Cayman Island Police requested International K9 Search and Rescue Services Respond a search dog team to the GCI to search for a missing 31 yo school teacher who disappeared while walking along 7 mile beach in .......... CLICK HERE To Read The Rest Of This Story

CLICK HERE for the whole story.

Scent identification through US Mail and land delivery

International K9 Search and Rescue Services has been identifying suspects for criminal and civil cases through scent evidence found at crime scenes for the last 26 years.

Example: A police officer finds a suspect vehicle believed to have been used in the kidnapping and transporting of a missing adult or child.

The police officer while wearing rubber first aid gloves, rubs a sterile 4x4 gauze pad over the suspected contact area, (trunk of car). He / she, then places the item in a clean paper envelope. Then he/she places that paper sack or envelope inside a clean plastic bag and seals it up. He/she then places that sealed plastic bag inside another plastic bag seals that up. He / she initials the bag and places the date and time the items were sealed up inside. He/she then mails the item(s) to our office.

Next he/she collects an uncontaminated scent article belonging to the missing person(s). Again the same procedure is used.

He/she collects the item such as a used pillowcase or tennis shoe not washed, and places it inside a paper bag and seals it shut. Then places that item inside two clean plastic bags and mails that item separately.

Remember when you go to the victim(s) residence and collect the scent item make sure YOU Collect the item yourself. Do NOT ask the family to hand you the item. No one is to touch it. It’s best if you don’t touch it either.

How to properly collect a scent evidence sample or scent item.
While wearing clean rubber gloves, turn the paper sack inside out, collect the scent item. Next place the item in the plastic bag(s) as directed. Then change rubber gloves. Remove the old and put on uncontaminated rubber gloves and collect the scent evidence SAMPLE(S). Follow our guidelines on collecting and sending those items.

When we receive the items (the scent in question and the scent article) we'll perform a scent identification search with two qualified search dogs and send you a report on our findings.
Cost is $250.00 for each examination.
This includes collection of sample and scent evidence.
Photographing and documenting items.
Conducting the scent evidence search.
Writing report and sending items back to client.

The general public can also send us their pet’s scent item (fir/hair collected from home) this will be considered the (Scent item). Then they can send us the sample fir/hair found at a scene in the area. We can then through scent evidence tell the client if the search dog indicates this is in fact their pet(s) scent or it isn’t. And if it’s alive, stress, or death alert.

For more information on this procedure feel free to order Mr. Oakes book available on CD Format
Search and Rescue By Harry Oakes.

We've also used the same procedures to identify fir/pet hair by pet owners at a specific scene.

1-22-2011 6 year old Vanesa Snegur from Portland, Oregon

01-22-2012 Little 6 year old Venesa Snegur from Portland, Oregon was with her family playing in the snow along the Clackamas River near Austin Hot Springs when she accidently fell into the frigid 37 degree waters moving at 35 feet per second and drowned.

For the next 2 1/2 days, Clackamas County and other law enforcement agencies brought out SAR resources to include divers, ground search teams, search dogs, helicopters, and found nothing except some of her clothing.
On 01-24-2012 The search was temporarily called off by the Clackamas County sheriff's office.

On 01-25-2012 I.K.9.S.A.R.S. team of Harry Oakes with SAR Dogs Willow and Tyler K-9-1. Responded on a private request for the continued search for little Venesa.
Here's portions of his report.
1135hrs. I stopped in Portland, Oregon and obtained a scent article from Vanesa's family.
I arrived in the search area (Clack. river) near Austin Hot Springs at around 1345hrs. I introduced SAR Dogs Willow and Tyler to Vanesa's scent and gave them the work command, "Go Find Vanesa". Both search dogs Independent of one another (off lead) traveled from PLS (Point Last Seen) approximately 100 yards down stream and stopped and indicated a death alert.

Orange flagging with the following documentation was noted and posted at the scene.
IK9SARS K-9-1 1359hrs. F# 2. H. Oakes "Death alerts".

The victim's clothing was found by family members and searchers down stream during the initial search. This indicates to me from 40 years of SAR experience that the victim is pinned down against rocks or a downed tree under the fast moving water and the force of the water removed the victim's clothing sending them down stream.
The victim's family, friends from her church were also on scene and witnessed the Search dogs search and posting of the flagging. Photographs of the scene, a diagram, and photograph was taken of something we believe belongs to the victim underwater and Location marked as flagging # 1.

All information turned over to law enforcement agencies involved on 01-26-2012.
I.K.9.S.A.R.S. donated over $1,500.00 in services to this search effort on 01-25-2012

Harry Oakes K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator.

1-22-2012 Cruise travel safety and you

With the recent events with the Costa Concordia running aground I've had several reporters asking me as a survival expert what can a person do to improve their odds of survival while on a cruise.

Know before you go. Do some research online and find out if there have been complaints with the specific cruise line and or captain.

Research the route your cruise line is expected to take. Then research online if your ship goes down, CLICK HERE to see a full list of everything you can do related to travel safety.

10-28-2011 "Help Finding Her Missing Husband"

On 10-28-2011 Mrs. Perez contacted the Whatcom County Sheriff's office regarding her husband who had been missing since Oct. 28, 2011 in Bellingham, Washington.
After being very unsatisfied at the action (Or lack there of) being given to her husband case. Mrs Perez contacted I.K.9.S.A.R.S. on 11-01-2011 and asked for our help in finding her missing husband. During our search we were able to put the pieces of the puzzle (so to speak) and located her husband alive on 11-03-2011 with the help of the Sedro Woolley Police Dept.

From: Paula Perez November 4, 2011 9:45:15 PDT
To: Harry Oakes

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication, and for the donation! I'm relieved to know he is alive and taking care of himself, or at least the basic human needs. You have given me and his sister some much needed peace of mind. If there is anything I can help you with for future investigation, or if you get a huge event and need donations, let me know, I will help if I can.

Paula Perez

10-24-2011 An Atta-Boy

"Thank you Harry, we appreciate everything you did to help us find Caleb. Thank you for your donation of services. We REALLY appreciate that!

I am relieved that Caleb is alive and free. We still don’t and may never know what happened to him in the 3 days he was gone. I will call the sheriff’s office this morning.

Thank you, again, Harry. You are very professional and obviously know what you’re doing. We will call you if we need you again."

Sharon Crowson

6-8-2011 Beware Shoddy Contractors

Disaster victims beware of shoddy contractors. Check out this link:

6-1-2011 Disaster Update

Hi everyone Our first search dog from Kentucky was able to help confirm 5 victims dead with the Missouri fema USAR team from MO. She informed us our help was needed. We arrived checked into a the EOC, (Head quarters). They were glad we had arrived and we developed a search plan. They wanted us to work with the non fema Missouri search dog teams. When we went over and talked with their person in charge chel Demery, she informed me that 10 new dog teams had just arrived and no further assistance was needed. So once we completed our assignment, (our dogs and handlers were hot and tired) we then did some grief counseling with some of the police officers on scene and left for home as we have several more SAR calls to handle upon our return. Joplin MO looked like a bomb blew up a 13 mile stretch of city. What a mess. Stop signs were blown through the high school down into the basement and stuck in the walls. Cars were picked up and blown across a high school track and smashed into a fence. Hundreds of houses / offices/ buildings were turned into toothpick sized wood.
Brick, steel, wood, it didn't matter. And OMG Even McDonalds was destroyed.



5-20-2011 S.M.A.A.R.T.T Is Open For Business

I've started another business attached to IK9SARS for pet rescue called SMAARTT. It stands for Specialized Mobile Animal Ambulance Rescue Transport Teams. CLICK HERE for all the details.

5-9-2011 Hunters found Rita Chretien

Last week some hunters found Rita Chretien, a Canadian woman who had been missing for seven weeks in Nevada after taking a remote road while traveling.

Her husband Albert, 59 is still missing when he left their van on a mission to search for help. He stayed with Rita for three days while being stuck in the mud off a forest road on March 19.

When this couple first went missing, we offered our services to the RCMP's and they refused our help. "Search dogs can track people's scent escaping from the vehicle as they travel down the road. We could have determined which direction they did in fact travel. This could have saved this family from 7 weeks of hell. And Albert is still missing.
There's no excuse for not using professional K9 Sar teams to work this kind of search.

When families depend on GPS's to navigate areas unknown to them, the Sheriff's office should have determined by using the same type of GPS system where the GPS would lead this couple to. The GPS will pick the shortest route to their destination.
Then they could have determined which routes were probable and flew that route.

The same thing happened to the Kim family in S. Oregon a few years ago. You would think they would learn from others misfortune.

Ever hear of the stories about a family moving from Seattle to LA, Ca. and they leave behind their dog or cat and a year later the cat or dog shows up on their door step?
Like I said, when you drive down the road you are leaving scent that can be tracked. That's how pets do it. That's how search dogs trained in vehicle tracking can do it.

5-9-2011 Pomeranian Search

Dog owner Saneza Bacchus, left, and search-and-rescue co-ordinator Harry Oakes from Longview, Washington search for Bacchus' missing Pomeranian in Maple Ridge, with his dogs Willow and Tyler Sunday. (CARMINE MARINELLI, 24 HOURS)


Calling off the search for Teddy, a missing black and white male Pomeranian, wasn’t an option Sunday for his owner Shaneza Bacchus.
Since her pup went astray Friday afternoon, the Pitt Meadows resident had extensively canvassed her neighbourhood and circulated more than 500 missing posters. Over the weekend she turned to Washington State-based search-and-rescue coordinator Harry Oakes and his two scent-sniffing border collies Tyler and Willow.
Oakes’ service doesn’t come cheap, asking for $650 upfront to cover travel, time and lodging expenses. On the ground, customers are charged $50 for every 15 minutes of active searching.
“Yes, it’s a lot of money,” Bacchus said. “Yes, some people are going to say, ‘it’s stupid,’ but I love him and I want him home and I’m going to exhaust every avenue.”
Tyler and Willow picked up Teddy’s scent and tracked it more than 15 kilometres away from his home to Lougheed Highway and 207 Street in Maple Ridge.
After two hours on the road, Bacchus’s sister Rehana Frankland, 26, found herself in a Catch-22 when helping decide if the search should be called off.
“If we stop at a certain point and we start canvassing that neighbourhood, what if he went further and we don’t canvass that neighbourhood?” she said.
Both expressed confidence in Oakes, who’s been involved in searches for missing children, animals and others over the past 39 years.
“They’re working off emotion,” Oakes said of the sisters. “I lost my dog for three days and three nights and I was out in tears looking for my baby.”
Bacchus called off Oakes after two hours, but the hunt for Teddy continues.
Anyone with information is asked to call 778-994-2253 or 778-229-5431.

5-3-2011 Tornado Searching

Searching for live and dead victims in the aftermath of a tornado that’s hit a residential neighborhood. Where do you start?
Like in any disaster response, first obtain written authorization to respond. Find out where the .....  CLICK HERE to see the rest of this article ...

4-255-2011 Find Joanie Hall

Find Joanie Hall

4-10-2011 Missing Canadian Couple

Cost and effectiveness in the search for missing Canadian couple Albert and Rita Chretien,
Case# 2011-6789-094(A). 04-03-2011

Missing Canadian couple

When I first heard of this case over the internet, I immediately talked with the RCMP's regarding how with 39 years of SAR experience and 25 years as a SAR Coordinator and K9 SAR Instructor I would suggest they conduct their search.
They ignored my suggestions.
You decide what is the right method.

First let me applaud the state police and county sheriff's office and RCMP for their efforts. I feel they did an outstanding job.
Oregon State Police and Burns County Sheriff's Department along with the RCMP have reportedly flown over
20 hours in their efforts to try to locate the missing couple.
They have reported that four counties surrounding the area where the couple was last seen have conducted ground vehicle searches covering thousands of square miles.
Cost to the Oregon Tax payers well over $150,000.00 dollars.
Their effectiveness?
They haven't located the victims as of yet.
Instead of using my suggestion.
Which was to obtain scent articles belonging to the victims. Allow my search dog teams to drive down there. Yes we can track a scent escaping from a vehicle. Determine which route the couple did in fact travel headed towards Los Vegas.
Then have our search dogs work an air scent / trailing search to determine where the couple was involved in a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident). (Most likely scenario).
Cost to OSP or RCMP would have been max. $5,000.00 dollars to cover our fuel, search time, meals and motel.
Hmmm let's see,
$5000.00 with a probability of detection rate of 75% or better.
Or $150,000.00 dollars with 0 success.
You decide.  

Harry Oakes K9 SAR Coordinator.


On 04-01-2011 Jennifer Mau from Guardians of the Children Mt St Helens Chapter asked I.K.9.S.A.R.S. to bring in cadaver search dogs on Saturday 04-02-2011 for the private search efforts on behalf of the family of Yashanee Vaughn (Missing child). DLS: March 19 Reported missing 03-21-2011.
Portland Police has arrested a suspect regarding the murder of Yashanee Vaughn. The suspect has since pleaded, “not guilty”.
I.K.9.S.A.R.S. teams will be using two search dogs, one search coordinator, and one assistance SAR coordinator for this private search efforts. They will be donating their time, efforts, skills and own money for this search efforts.
Anyone wishing to assisting I.K.9.S.A.R.S. with their private search efforts through support with gifts of money to help us pay for meals, fuel for the private search teams, can send a gift of money to the above listed address. C/O Yashanee Vaughn Private Search efforts.
Remember we are NOT a nonprofit and your gift is NOT tax deductable.
Thank You
Harry Oakes SAR Coordinator.

3-23-2011 Update Japan

On Wed, 3/23/11, Marla Petal
From: Marla Petal  Subject: Re: frustration at best.
To: "Harry Oakes" <  Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 5:31 AM
Dear Harry, I hear you. The frustration and sorrow you are expressing is exactly what got me involved in this field. I remember vividly on Day 5 after the Kocaeli earthquake, hearing that the Turkish government had told all of the international rescuers that they had to leave or 'be quarantined'.
I remember the fury and helplessness of the teams. The government declared that all that was left was 'cosmetics'. The professional and self-sufficient rescuers knew that they were abandoning dozens or perhaps hundreds still clinging to life, trapped beneath concrete and steel, who could hear every word uttered just a few feet away, but whose cries could not be heard by those outside. By then you had explained to us the tiny spaces that human beings could survive in - and the many mitigating conditions under which they could survive for many days.
On Day 6 you and your beloved and hard-working canine companion, Valorie - with Suha and I as witnesses - found 3 more people whom Valorie told us unequivocally were alive under the rubble. When their dead bodies were eventually dug out, their bodies were still warm, and those present agreed with Valorie, and believed as we did, that being found was a final comfort to them.
But as for those who could hear us from within the concrete and steel, but who died abandoned, and as for their loved ones who stood outside the rubble unable to reach them - they still haunt me, and I still wonder daily what we can do to protect people from these fates worse than death.
The only example I know of where hope and dignity prevailed, was after 9/11 when professional search and rescue continued uninterrupted until every bone had been collected. That the scale of this disaster is so much wider, that there are other dangers involved are not much excuse. There are dozens of stories after Hurricane Katrina of ordinary citizens who had to defy, or find their way around whatever bureaucracy and authorities stood in the way of helping others.
What our reporters don't understand when they remark on the "miraculous" stories of finding someone alive after 5 or 7 or 10 days of being trapped, is that for every one of those, there are dozens, or maybe hundreds, dying a slow death, entirely abandoned.
What can we do to make a difference?
- gather the available evidence?
- document the ways in which bureaucracy and ignorance prevent additional lives from being saved?
- partner with some researchers for additional documentation?
- get together with some like-minded folks?
- get some excellent reporters and writers to work with us?
- write / talk / explain?
In spite of all that could be done, when the big one hits my homeland in California - all I will know to do is to dig with bare hands...
Love, Marla
Marla Petal Email:
Skype: shmarla USA: 1-212-644-8937
USA Mob: 1-408-806-7888
Efax: 1-408-516-5841
From Harry Oakes - Independent Search and Rescue professional and canine trainer in Washington and Oregon
On Mar 23, 2011, at 12:13 AM, Harry Oakes wrote:
Japan is turning into another Katrina FUBAR.
The doctors and nurses, EMT’s paramedics, medical supplies are in Japan and not being used.
Why? Because of the Japanese bureaucracy.
420 SAR teams from around the world offered free assistance.
15 were allowed in. 15.?
Just as our USA govt had it's head up its ass in Katrina and thousands of humans and animals died needlessly, now Emperor Akihito is doing the same damn thing.
Why don't you folks learn from other people's mistakes?
There are over 500,000 people who are in shelters
in Japan starving right now.
Thousands more still trapped in the rubble waiting for rescue.
No fresh water, no fresh food. Cold. Scared.
Where is the food, water, rescue supplies?
It's all in warehouses in Japan. Why isn't it being distributed to the needy?
There's no fuel for the military and rescue vehicles to transport the material to those in need.
"That's what's being said by Japan officials to the reporters around the world.
Why aren't the doctors and other medical staff being allowed to help the needy?
Because they aren't licensed to practice medicine in Japan.
This isn't right.
Governments need to waiver medical rules / requirements licensing restrictions during disasters.
The same damn thing happened in Katrina.
The US Navy Medical ship arrived and wasn't allowed to treat the sick and injured after three days because the state of Louisiana refused to allow the doctors on board the ship to practice medicine in their state.
So people (the innocent) that needed the help died needlessly.
Come on world, let's force our leaders and NATO to pull all medical licensing restrictions during times of disasters.
Let's apply the "Good Samaritan laws" internationally instead of just within the confines of the USA.
I totally understand there are extreme hardships in major disasters. I've been to many of these first hand as a rescuer and know the hardships the governments, citizens, police, fire, EMS, and others face.
But let's not lose track of one thing. The victims human and animals alike need our help.
The rescuers from around the world stand ready to help but due to bureaucratic bs, aren't being allowed in. What's up with that?

Explain that to the mother holding her dead children who survived the quake but died from hypothermia because help didn't arrive soon enough.
Explain this to the child who is still alive trapped in the rubble lying next to their dead mothers and fathers.
Explain this to me as a seasoned rescuer who can't begin to believe this BS is happening all over again.
Explain this to the victim’s families who are asking me daily, why aren’t we over there helping find their loved ones?

03-12-2011 Update Japan

International Office of Emergency Management
Disaster Response Division.
PO Box# 1472 Longview, Washington 98632
Office; 503-705-0258 Mobile: 503-705-0258
Email: Web:
As you can well imagine our International Office of Emergency Management Center has been swamped with emails, texts, and telephone calls regarding the 03-11-2011 8.5 earthquake in Japan.
Are we sending in resources? The answer is, “No, not yet”.
We've been in contact with the Japanese embassy officials, and NATO, and if they need our K9 Disaster search dog’s teams, SAR coordinators, and other resources, they will request us and then and only then will we mobilize and send in our USAR disaster response teams.
Like we've done over the last 25 years, we've offered our services.
If the Japanese government requests our assistance, then we'll try to raise the money to purchase air fares for the search dog teams that are responding, the cost of the shots, travel, and equipment that we'll be responding with.
This will be approximately $5000.00 per dog team. The government will not pay for our response. The airlines will not fly our teams in for free.
We must come up with this money on our own to pay for the airlines tickets, shots, equipment, etc. This is the way it’s always been for the last 25 years.
Since we are NOT a non-profit, but in fact a FOR PROFIT Professional K9 Search and Rescue team, the gifts sent to us are NOT tax deductible.
Do we charge for Search and Rescue during disasters? NO. We never have.
We take time off work (two weeks) and donate our own money and services to the victims of disasters.
We’ve assisted in numerous disasters around the world. Armenia, Northridge, SF, Ca. Philippines, Kobe, Japan, Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, both of the 1999 Turkey quakes, 2010 Haiti quake, and other disasters we’ve responded to directly or indirectly with coordination efforts, supplies and SAR dog teams. (Katrina, 9-11) etc.
There are times the resources become so overwhelmed that we’re only allowed to assist through sending in rescue equipment, medical supplies, food, water, etc. Other times we’ve been asked to physically respond and assist in the search and rescue and recovery efforts.
How can the public help the victims in the Japanese earthquake?
To avoid scams, contact your local Department of Justice and see which foreign aid teams will be responding to this disaster.
Don't send anyone any $ money or equipment unless you have confirmed with a team that they are in fact responding.
Before you donate or gift money or equipment.
Request to see a copy of their written permission to respond from the Japanese government.
Get a receipt for all monies gifted or donated to that team.

Media response. Our PIO (Public Information Officer) Mr. Harry Oakes will be updating this blog as well as our web site as we receive accurate information.
Our web site is
Or click on the below listed URL
If you are a media person requesting an interview with Mr. Oakes our disaster SAR Coordinator re: this or other disaster information, preparation, people and pet rescues contact us.
Please send us an email at to make an appointment or call our office at 503-705-0258.
Only call our emergency # at 503-705-0258, if you need to contact our office right away.
We’re extremely busy assisting numerous agencies regarding the possibility of the Tsunami striking the west coast.
Rescuing people and pets, as well as livestock will be our first priority should the Tsunami be a large one that causes major devastation.
If you want to volunteer your time and efforts, contact the local chapter of the American Red Cross, or if the Tsunami causes damage here in the USA, the stricken areas that are hit and donate your time helping rescuing livestock and domesticated pets from the stricken areas.
Please make sure you obtain permission to enter the disaster site before you respond.
That permission can only be granted by the local law enforcement agencies.
Thank You
Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr.
International Disaster K9 SAR Coordinator
International K9 Search and Rescue Services.
International Office of Emergency Management

2-21-2011 Questions Need Answering

Growing up, we’re all lead to believe in our local law enforcement and the love and support of our own family.

When a child disappears it falls onto the child’s family to do their part to help law enforcement to bring their child home. It falls on the law enforcement’s responsibility to do the best job they can free from egos and politics to find this missing child and to bring those responsible for the child’s disappearance to justice swiftly.

When the sheriff’s office and family fails to do all they can to find the missing child, shame on all of them.

I totally understand that it’s the DA’s call on whether to prosecute certain individuals regarding their participation in the disappearance of a missing child.

When circumstantial evidence is present to prove or disprove active participation and deception in a on going investigation, the DA needs to make sure he or she does his / her job to the fullest extent of the law. And, I understand that some investigations do lead to dead ends.

But it’s the law enforcement’s responsibility to use all available resources including private resources when their own resources fail to produce results.

It’s the family’s responsibility to turn over all information to the investigating law enforcement agency so that law enforcement can do their job.

It’s also the family’s responsibility to use all available resources including private resources on their own, should the law enforcement agency fail to find their loved ones.

When the family refuses to use private resources to help resolve a case, this brings up some very valid questions.

Over the last 25 years while working with the search dogs we’ve handled thousands of cases. We’ve often brought closure to many of these cases when law enforcement and or the family had failed to find any real clues on what happened to the victim.

On this recent local case I must ask the following questions as a concerned citizen.

Why is the birth father still trying to raise money when he’s already testified in court that his wife “Did harm to his son”? If he know’s his son isn’t alive anymore then what is the money that’s being raised going towards?

Why is the birth mother and birth father refusing to allow private search dog resources to help find their missing son?

Why are they refusing to allow private search dog resources with a proven track record to search around their property?
My heart goes out to these parents. There isn’t a searcher out there who doesn’t feel their pain and anguish. But I do get really discouraged and disappointed when I’ve repeatedly have asked for a scent article of this missing child and they flat our refuse to respond.

When I’ve asked to search around the perimeter of the property where the child lived and am refused.


Shame on them. This isn’t about me, it’s about finding answers to bring a little boy home.

I’m just making the public aware of what’s really going on. The public should be demanding answers.

If this was my son or my grandson, I wouldn’t care who found him.

Whether it be a police officer, private investigator, family member, friend, neighbor, or a private search dog team. Just bringing closure in this case is what’s important.

Many folks are frustrated with this ongoing case. I’m one of them. Especially knowing that if we were able to have a scent article of the missing child from the beginning,

we could have determined;

What direction the child took from inside the school to the parking lot.

What vehicle the child got into (where it was parked). This would have showed the police if this was a family or stranger abduction.

Whether the child was alive, injured, scared, or dead when he got into or was placed inside the vehicle.

Which direction the vehicle went after it left the school. Towards the child’s home, towards a different direct.

And it would have either cleared or directed law enforcement to certain individuals based on SCENT EVIDENCE.

We’ve repeatedly documented findings such as this that have been upheld in other murder kidnapping trials. This is where the DA has failed. He / she should have demanded that the detectives in this case use private proven resources once their own SAR teams failed to find any thing. (Review the Ward Weaver 2002 case for just one example).

A qualified trained search dog can determine if a person that enters a vehicle is under stress, sick, injured, dead, or giving off normal live scent. If the victim was laying around the property dead or in a vehicle used by the family, the search dog will determine this and this gives investigators more information on where to direct their search efforts.

If the child’s death scent is detected in a family vehicle or around the family property, then the family has some explaining to do.

This could have saved the tax payers $250,000.00 dollars in an ongoing investigation that so far hasn’t revealed any real evidence.

Is it disturbing that two women who knew the missing child purchased untraceable disposable cell phones before the child disappeared raise any red flags?

It is disturbing that these same two women can’t / won’t account for 1 and ½ hour of their time the day this child disappeared?

Is it disturbing that both the birth mother and father of the missing child are still raising money to bring home their son even though they totally refuse to cooperate or use private resources?

Where’s the accountability for all the money raised? Is the Oregon DOJ auditing their 501C3 files so that the public who has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars knows how and where their money is spent regarding the search for this missing child?

If I must be accountable for every penny I earn and spend then why are they so different?

My prayers are that this child is brought home alive and safe. That the law enforcement agency handling this case can locate this child and bring the suspect(s) to justice.

My experience says this probably won’t happen.


Copyright © 2005 International K-9 Search and Rescue Services. All rights reserved.