International K-9 Search & Rescue Services
c/o Harry E. Oakes, Jr. SAR Coordinator.
P.O. Box #1472 Longview, Washington 98632 USA

Mobile phone: 503-705-0258 

Office phone: 503-705-0258


PLEASE DO NOT CALL our office or mobile # until after you've completed sending our office the below listed information. This last month we've received over 75 phone calls requesting information about our SAR services. The information is all written down below. Help us save $ by not calling us until you've completed sending us the requested information and then texted us at 503-705-0258 ("Pending search Read email).
Thank you.

If you get an error message Please send to my personal email at

On your email subject line please indicate your name, city, and topic. 
Example: Deb, Ridgefield, WA. "Lost pet" or "missing person".

IF you want a missing person, pet , or consulting contract, please email us at or if you get an error message send to my personal email at

If this is for a missing pet, please do the following.
Email us at the above email address.
We'll need your 
Name, home address, city , state, zip code, home telephone #, mobile #, your pets

name, age, weight, sex, breed(s)?
Identification Tag, and Microchip brand and #

Place last seen?  Date Last Seen?

Once you've sent this to our email address, please TEXT our SAR Coordinator at 503-705-0258. and send the following text. "Search request, check email".  

If this is for a missing person, we'll need the following information before we'll send you a contract. 

Your name, current mailing address, city , state, zip code, home/office/mobile telephone#'s. Email addresses. Your relationship to the missing person. (Family member, friend, etc).

We'll also need the missing person's name, age, date of birth, weight, hair color, hair length, eye color, build slender, stocky, obese? Clothing description.

Height, weight, identifying marks, scars, tattoos, medical concerns, medication?

Shoe size? Underwear type? Pants, shirt, jewelry, watch, glasses, contacts?

Date last seen?
Missing persons last known address, city, state, zip code, telephone# home/work/cellular.

Place Last Seen. Exact location.

A brief description of what has been done to find this individual. 

Name address, city state phone# and Case # of police report filed? 

The reason for us requesting all this information before we agree to help you is because we average about 4 calls a day between missing persons and or lost pets from around teh world. We prioritize our missions. We're an International Search and Rescue Team. This means we respond ANYWHERE on planet earth.  

So please no more questions such as "Do you provide service in New York, or LA, Ca.? the obvious answer is YES.
Once' you've sent us the info we requested by email and then texted the 503-705-0258 then, and only then call and leave a message on our office # at 503-705-0258.
We're trying to cut back on the # of incoming and outgoing calls to our office and cellular phones. You can help us help you by following our guidelines.

Here's our fee schedule. 
Travel costs. 
If we're driving, we charge $25.00 per hour (each way) from Longview, Washington to your location and back. We also charge for the cost of fuel, meals, motels, any other travel expenses. 

If it's a short travel and search to and from Portland, Ore. or Seattle, Washington, you will not usually be asked to pay for any motel costs. We'll give you an estimate of what the search will cost before you sign the contract. 

Search fees are $200.00 for the first hour then $50.00 per fifteen minutes of searching after the first hour. Most searches last between five minutes and one hour. 

Most person searches last between 30 minutes and 6 hours. 

You must sign a contract for services before we respond.  

We accept cash and credit cards only in US Currency. No checks of any kind are accepted to include Echecks.  


I only fly to and from disasters. Other wise I drive. Flying. We fly first class only to and from the search site. (Unless it's a helicopter flight or a small fixed wing aircraft, of other private jet.


We fly out of Portland, Oregon. We fly all airlines except SW airlines as they openly discriminate against service animals and search and rescue dogs. 

You must follow our instructions above and email and text us. Contact our coordinator, obtain and complete a contract for services, then you must pay for our airfare and make reservations for the search and rescue dog to fly IN CABIN with the search and rescue dog handler.  

You must also make reservations at a motel / hotel.  


Send us the confirmation codes for the airlines ticket and the motel reservations. The room must be 100% non smoking. LaQuinta is a great motel for our search dog teams. 

We'll need transportation from the airport to the motel and then to the search area and back again. Unless we rent a vehicle. 


Person transporting the search dog team(s) must be a NON SMOKER, and at no time will he / she transport our search dog team(s) with any of the transporters pet(s) on board the same vehicle at the time of transport.


It's not a bad idea to bring along a blanket or large towel for the search dog(s) to lay on while being transported.
We average between 550 and 750 calls a year. 


With you providing the above information in the listed format, you will help us help you bring closurer to your case. We have a 99% success ratio of either finding the victim, or finding out what happened to them, picked up, killed, where this occured, etc. We have 25 years of experience providing professional SAR and K9 SAR services. We can track a scent trail up to a year from when the person(s) or Pet(s) disappeared. We've documented several successes on our web site with this time line.  If this is a missing person(s) or Pet(s) request during a major disaster, tornado, fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, please follow the above listed guidelines and we'll work with you on our fees and travel expenses. 

Thank you
Mr. Harry Oakes
SAR Coordinator.

Harry Oakes
K9 Search and Rescue SAR Coordinator.

 CONTACTING I.K.9.S.A.R.S. During disasters.

As you know 99% of cellular service will be knocked out immediately during a major disaster in the disaster area. 

This means no texting, or cell calls. If you can find a payphone or land line, you can try to call a friend or family member long distance calling collect from a payphone or other LANDLINE. 

Than have them try our land line and leave a message for us to contact you, where, and your contact #.  

If our region has been knocked out you may try to contact us on the following radio frequency.

FSR (Family Service Radio) Channel# 25.1

HAM Radio or handheld UHF / VHF 155.805 or 155.260 Call sign is K9-1 for International K9 Search and Rescue Services.

CB# 9.


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