Be Safe Child Safety Program  
We are available to provide this excellent safety program for kids.
Since 1986, we've documented over 3000 safety programs. 16 lives have been
saved due to what the youngsters learned in our program. We've won hundreds
of local and national awards including the KPTV "For Kids Sake" Award.

Children involved with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire kids, church,
camping, school, outdoor, day care, and other children related safety
programs have seen this fantastic program and loved it. We bring in a search
dog and talk about urban and wilderness safety.

The Be Safe Child Safety program has been featured at the Oregon State Fair, The Clark County Fire Safety Fair, and hundreds of other safety programs throughout the USA.

Two IK9SARS SAR dog handlers with Vancouver Civil Air Patrol and Sea Scout units following a Be Safe presentation.
Harry Oakes, world famous SAR dog handler and instructor, is now offering Search and Qualification programs on a regular basis Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

For years, NASAR and FEMA have offered “Certification” courses. You can see for yourself how they have excluded numerous teams during real events, so that their own teams will, “stand out and shine”.
Unfortunately they have shown their true colors in Katrina and other disasters, and SAR operations. Many SAR Dog handlers and their team members feel that these certification agencies have lost all credibility and now are left to ask, “Who is qualified, certified, and skilled?”. What kind of dog team(s) are we really getting? We are receiving calls, emails almost on a daily basis for more extensive training for individual search dog handlers and their search teams.

In 1987, Mr. Oakes tried to get the certification program started in the state of Oregon. He ran right into a lot of UGLY POLITICS and B.S. within the SAR community and the Sheriff’s offices. The “It’s not what you know, but WHO you know syndrome”.

Harry was able to show that the state of Oregon Certification program was corrupt, and DIDN’T WORK, and wasn’t credible in any way. Thus forcing the Sheriff’s to discontinue their certification program for K-9’s.

Over the last 26 years, many agencies and individual dog handlers have hired Harry Oakes and his search dog teams privately to teach, and “Qualify” their search dog handlers and teams for all aspects of search and rescue. Confined space, Wilderness, Water, Avalanche, Urban SAR for missing persons and pets.

Harry’s instructed teams around the world such as in the Philippines, Honduras, Turkey, Canada, USA, and Caribbean, South America, South Africa, and Mexico.

Mr. Oakes’s qualifications as a search dog handler and instructor have stood up to the scrutiny of the Oregon Dept of Justice, The FBI, and many courts have qualified Harry as an Expert Witness regarding scent, forensic scent evidence, search dog training, testing, and qualifications.

Fact: Harry Oakes, Internationally known as the most successful and documented search dog handler and instructor in the world, can qualify you, your search dog, and your team members for all aspects of SAR.

Fact: Harry’s documented over 9,050 calls and now averages approximately 450 to 760 calls a year for assistance around the world. Rescuing missing lost person and pets, his qualifications stands above all others through training, testing, and experience.

Harry’s been there. Working disasters in earthquakes, floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, fires, and transportation accidents.

Harry’s worked Avalanches. Snow, mud, dirt, and rock.

Wilderness searches, day and night. Urban search and rescue and confined space rescue.

He has the skills and knowledge to train you and your dog to be safe, successful and useful when it really counts.

To attend one of his classes: you must first send a resume of your outdoor experience, your SAR work experience and training. Complete a waiver, and application for training and testing.

You will be assigned a training # and date and location to show up. You must provide for your own lodging and transportation.

Cost is as follows: One dog, one handler.

Obedience $150.00 for a three hour session. Topics will cover dog obedience, psychology, feeding, care, first aid for pets.

Air scenting. $300.00 per day. This is a 12 hour session deep in the wilderness. Can also cover Avalanche work during Winter and Spring sessions. You will learn to air scent through the toughest terrain to find live and dead persons. To include articles and evidence. Work a disaster site. Identify Hazards. Can also include digging a snow cave for you and your dog for survival.

Tracking and Trailing. $300.00 This will cover tracking missing persons through urban, rural, wilderness environments.

Scent Discrimination and Suspect Identification Forensic Scent Evidence. $600.00
This two day course. 48 hours of hands on training. The first 12 hours covers class room training, testing, and documenting your findings for court. Also includes giving testimony, and depositions. The next 12 hours is a crime scene search evaluation. You will be transported to a MOCK Crime scene, conduct your search, evaluate your findings, document, diagram and photograph your findings, and write a police report for court purposes. Then be cross examined on your findings.

Other classes available upon request.
Man tracking.
Animal Tracking.
Outdoor survival Winter and Summer.
Edible plants.
Report Writing.
Crime scene photography.
Map, Compass, and GPS.
Swift Water Rescue.
High Angle Rope Rescue.
Pet SAR.

Some of Harry’s references are as follows: In the past, Harry has instructed courses to members of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Clackamas County Sheriff’s office, Morrow County Sheriff’s Dept, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, their SAR members, and other organizations such as Silver Star SAR and Clark Co. SAR members, Cowlitz Co. SAR members. NATO, St Croix USVI K-9’s, AKUT and Turkey K-9’s, Sitka Alaska K-9’s, Troutdale City Police Dept., Multnomah County Sheriff’s Explorers and designed special courses for the US Army Rangers at Fort Lewis, Wa.

To apply for a training seminar, email or write Mr Oakes at the following:
International K-9 SAR Services PO Box# 1472, Longview, Washington 98632 USA.
Office: 503-705-0258 Mobile: 503-705-0258.
You may also order Harry's book available on CD Format "Search and Rescue" on our home page at 

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