Before Your Pet Is Lost: ID Your Pet
  1. Talk with your veterinarian. Determine and document the following:
    You pet's breed(s)  ____________________________________
    Your pet's Weight: _____ Age: ________ Height: __________
    Hair: Short  Medium  Long  (Circle One)
    Tail length: Short Medium Long (Circle One)
    Eye Color:____________
    Microchip Brand: ________#_____________________________
    Other ID: _____________________________________________
    Veterinarian's Name: ____________________________
    Telephone#'s: ___________________________________
  1. Comb out the pet’s hair and place it inside a clean envelope. Write the animal's name on the outside of the envelope and date it. It will be good for two years as a scent article for a search dog if your pet is lost.
  1. Take numerous color photographs of your pet from different angles.
  1. Microchip and Tattoo your pet. Ask your local animal shelter or veterinarian about these services.
  1. Never leave a collar or choke chain on an animal. Many animals are found choked to death by choke chains and regular ID collars. Use either a harness with the ID attached on back or a breakaway ID collar.
  1. Never smoke cigarettes around your pet. Not only will it make them very ill from the nicotine poisoning, but it alters their original scent and can make it very difficult for a search dog to track them. The first word in Webster's dictionary about the drug NICOTINE is "POISON". Quit smoking, you'll live longer.
Always check references of resources that you wish to use. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and references are available upon request.  
Last revised 11/25/02.

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